Regenize Wins At DEMO Africa’s Cape Town Tour

By  |  July 13, 2018

During the second leg of DEMO Africa’s South African tour, the startup entrepreneurs came with a heart full of hope, mind brimming with ideas and with their hands holding innovative products in a bid win the coveted competition.

Regenize was selected for the Cape Town tour of DEMO Africa. The company’s focus is on making the environment habitable by reusing collected materials and educate the masses about the importance of recycling. The Gen in the name of the company is shortened for Generation, i.e informing this generation about recycling.

“With Cape Town having a far more active startup ecosystem than Johannesburg, it was not a challenge in having our development profitable and impactful startup pitch. Regenize, Kazi and Akiba closely contested the number one spot by our judges. But it was Regenize with a great green and gamification element that won”, remarked Zuko Tisani, founder of Legazy, which co-hosted the event.

DEMO Africa is on an African mission to promote, uproot and deepen the African startup ecosystem to the global market by introducing selected start-ups from all over Africa to investors, global media practitioners, corporate acquirers, and strategic partners to subsequently grow the African economy. It has helped create more than 2 000 high-paying jobs and mentored more than 250 startups STEMS across the continent. It all began in Nairobi, Kenya in 2012 and now on its sixth year run helping to commercialise African startups.

“It has been an astonishing experience to be able to host two innovative tours in one country. We are really grateful to our partners, Legazy and UCT solutions space who helped make this event a possibility, promoting our cause of discovering capable startups companies,” said Harry Hare of DEMO Africa.

Regenize will join Loyal1 and GetHosted as the South African representatives and will be competing in the regional hotplate against SMART from Zimbabwe and the yet to be selected representatives from Botswana.

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