These 15 Startups Were Shortlisted For Nigeria-Based Slush Accelerator Program

By  |  July 26, 2018

Selected to participate in the Nigeria-based Slush Accelerator Program, 15 startups will take part in the initiative at Heartland Incubation Hub in Owerri, Imo State, from August 6 through to August 31, 2018. The hub, which is a center for tech, innovation and enterprise education, has shortlisted these startups for its 2018 local accelerator of Slush Global Accelerator Program.

While collaborating with Finnish tech event Slush, the Owerri-based innovation hub informed that the shortlisted applicants were scrutinized based on their business ideas and how much traction they have gained, a solution that supports Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), scalability, uniqueness, and team.

In a blog post, the hub announced that the last week of the accelerator program would involve a pitch competition, through which the shortlisted startups will be cut down to 3 finalists. The 3 startups will then have the opportunity to embark on an all-expense paid trip to a CC. This Finnish event will hold from November 27 to December 6, 2018, ultimately culminating in Slush.

As it stands, these 15 startups hailing from different parts of Nigeria are gunning to pull through to the round of 3 and get to spread their tentacles towards the Finnish scene. They are:

Phendok Bioenergy (Jos): A startup that recycles waste for a cleaner city and produces cost-effective renewable energy for the agro-business sector. Phendok is aimed to reduce poverty, pollution, and global carbon emission.

Eco-Fun (Adamawa): A startup that recycles paper waste into unique, quality products such as chairs, tables, stools and decorative artworks for both interior and exterior use. 95 percent of Eco-Fun’s products are made from paper waste.

De Rehoboth Therapeutic Studio (Port-Harcourt): A startup encompassing healthcare solution for low-income Nigerian families, striving to promote preventive and restorative health solutions. De Rehoboth is achieving a unique blend of herbal and conventional healthcare.

Recyclepro Innovations (Awka): A web-based startups that create a connection for working professionals and businesses to affordable and smarter waste collectors within 12 hours to reduce hazardous waste disposal and promote sustainability in the environment.

Databanter (Akure): A digital food donation startup initiative that leverages airtime and internet data bundle to donated food items, hence tackling food insecurity and malnutrition among venerable Nigerians.

Aircel Allied Ltd. (Owerri): A startup which provides a platform that connects farmers directly to their end users. They efficiently deliver agricultural products using the supply chain technology.

Arone (Enugu): A platform that provides fleets of drones, along with the access to a network of solar-powered battery swap stations to businesses in industries including medical product delivery, e-commerce, and food delivery.

Pearl Errand Services (Aba): A startup that provides innovation as it has to do with delivery models.

Vida ICT Solutions (Owerri): A platform that provides Enterprise Resource Planning for health institutions, which allows organizations to use a system of applications to manage their businesses and automate a variety of back-office functions.

Gerocare (Abuja):  A startup providing subscription-based regular doctor home visits to the elderly.

The Chronic Doctors (Aba): A startup that provides a digital and mobile health solution, leveraging tech and psychology to help people with chronic diseases live much healthier, happier and balanced lives.

CrispVision Ventures Ltd. (Eket): A startup bringing an end to preventable blindness through the provision of quality, affordable and easy-to-access eye care solutions to upheave self-reliance and reduce dependability.

Toppyskills (Kaduna):  A mobile ICT startup that provides computer, internet-enabled phones, and internet use skills training to rural smallholder farmer cooperatives in Kaduna, Nigeria.


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