5 Reasons Why You Should Apply For WeeTracker UberPITCH

By  |  August 7, 2018

UberPITCH is simply an innovative way to pitch your startup to investors in a 90 seconds Uber ride. Cool, right?

This initiative is brought to you by WeeTracker and powered by Uber.

We all know that most times startups don’t get funding because they lack the right information to help them raise capital. And so, as a startup founder, you need to constantly seek information that would be of benefit to your business.

Applying for a startup pitch competition can be a great way to raise the required funding your business needs, get the right mentorship and advice.

Have you applied for our UberPITCH competition yet?

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And so, if you haven’t applied for our UberPITCH competition or you are still thinking of why you should apply, here are 5 reasons why you should:

You get capital for your startup: Funding is one of the key ingredients for startups when starting or even growing their businesses. And one of the things you get to win here is funding for your business. Be sure to convince the investors why you need the money and how you intend to put it to use.

Gain free media coverage: As the global scene would tune in to the series, your business gets the right media coverage and exposure. You also get to have more customers, more brand awareness, and increased brand visibility. Whar’s more, global investors watching the series can take interest in your brand. Likewise, media companies and bloggers can even pick interest in your unique startup and right more about you.

You get to expand your network: One of the reasons why you should definitely apply for the UberPITCH is that you get to meet different investors with lots of experience and knowledge in the startup scene. You meet lots of industry leaders and entrepreneurs as well and you expand your network.

Learn: There are lots of people to learn from; you learn from the investors, the industry leaders as well as other startups who come to pitch for funding. While interacting with your fellow startup founders, you can find out more about tools, resources, or tips that can save you money, time, or regrets.

Improve your business: One of the goals of this competition is not only to help you raise funding but to help you move your startup from point A to point B. Through your conversations with investors, you learn where you need to improve and things to work on.

So wait no more, hit the apply button!

Applications are closing on August 10th, 2018! You can apply by clicking here.

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