Airtel Asservates Commitment To Young Entrepreneurs And SMEs

By  |  August 11, 2018

Airtel Nigeria, one of the leading telecommunications providers in the country, has re-affirmed its commitment to the growth and development of young entrepreneurs and Small and Medium-Scale Enterprises in Nigeria, intending to diversify the economy.

Speaking on its collaboration with SME 100 Nigeria’s 25 Under 25 Entrepreneur Awards, the service provider informed that there is growing awareness regarding the vital role that SMEs play in the development of the economy, particularly youth-run ventures. Airtel also said that it has become a top priority for the entirety of stakeholders to encourage and support youth entrepreneurs who are in the creation of value.

According to Airtel, “Over half of the country’s populace as of today are under the age of 30, and it is essential to give the youths bearing on the right track and to the right direction by acknowledging their skills, recognizing their creativity, hard work, courage, and resilience. Above all, according to the company, the ideas of these youngsters need to be supported to foster the buildup of a viable economy.

The third leg of the SME 100 Nigeria’s Under 25 Entrepreneur Awards, sponsored by Airtel, held at the Terra Kulture center, Victoria Island Lagos, last week. From more than 4,500 applicants across several sectors, 25 entrepreneurs were selected to have made a socio-economic impact since their businesses’ establishment. Awardees spanned across different industries from IT, Media and Communications, Energy, Education, E-commerce, Fintech, Healthcare, Agriculture, Hospitality, Fashion, Sports, Music, Arts and Craft among others.

According to Charles Odii, the Executive Director of SME 100 Nigeria, the awards are more than just the recognition of innovative entrepreneurs, as it is as well a clarion call to join a group of topnotch entrepreneurs, mentors, and industrialists across a wide range of industry in the SME 100 Community.

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The Under 25 Under 25 Entrepreneurs Awards is a yearly initiative by SME 100, tailored to recognize, celebrate and inspire some of the most innovative entrepreneurs in Nigeria under the age of 25, across a variety of categories.




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