This Turkish Event Is Creating A Business Environment Amidst World-Class Delicacies

By  |  August 18, 2018

For the first time ever, Turkish Tastes Festival brings its well-renowned, meal-assorted, savory-abundant and business-inclined event to Ghana, and it is looking interesting for both taste buds and entrepreneurial minds. More than 50 companies are being exhibited in a bid to commemorate Ghana’s love for Turkish flavors and also creating a conducive environment for attending entrepreneurs to connect and share ideas.

Having kicked off on 9th August to last through to the 14th, it began with a nine-day caravan tour on the principal streets of Accra to bring the tastes whipped up by Turkish cooks right to the doorsteps of many Ghanaians. The caravan was situated at the Accra Mall taxi rank in front of the Osu branch of Compu Ghana, in front of the National Theatre, East Legon uniBank, and other prime locations.

Turkish Tastes is hosting a dinner and exhibition at the Labadi Beach Hotel to bring together varieties of businesspeople from both the Ghanaian and Turkish nations to discuss business opportunities, amidst the enjoyment of the best of Turkish recipes.

The Chairman of Southeast Anatolian Cereal, Pulses, Oil Seeds and Products Exporters’ Association, Mahsum Altunkaya, while speaking at the event, said that the festival would serve as a platform for investors and entrepreneurs to make each other’s acquaintances and discuss investment opportunities in both Ghana and Turkey. According to him, pasta, bulgur pulses, and veggies would give birth to more business deals for both Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) and larger corporations.

Altunkaya also called on Ghanaians as well as other nationals to avail themselves the opportunity and be at the respective locations to experience the classic taste of Turkey’s best dishes. He remarked that “Bulgur is the future of food, thanks to its attributes – long shelf life, microorganism resistance, insect repulsion, richness in vitamins, minerals and folic acid. Bulgur also helps prevent intestinal cancer, good for pregnant women and the elderly. Bulgur is rich in dietary fiber, supports brain development for children and good for diabetes”.

While he was throwing light on the specialty of Turkish delicacies, Altunkaya informed that Turkey’s pasta industry is found in the world’s A-class league of high quality, high protein, high transparency and pleasant aroma. He said that aside pasta, Turkey is also the capital of vegetable oils.

“There are lots of high-tech factories to process different vegetable oils. In the vegetable oils plants, food safety, quality control and new product development are widely important issues. In these plants, sunflower, canola, soybean, corn oils and so on are produced and exported across the world”, he added.

Turkey is a bridge between the Black Sea, the Mediterranean, Middle East, Silk Road, Europe and Asia, and as such enjoys geopolitical and logistical positioning.


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