To Drive Digital Marketing in Nigeria, Lagos Digital Unveils Academy

By  |  August 19, 2018

The Nigerian digital market is expected to hit USD 10 Mn by the year 2020, and with this information, a group of veterans in the digital marketing industry under the name of Lagos Digital Academy has unveiled an academy to brace Nigerians to be able to leverage of inherent opportunities in the digital market space.

Dotun Babatunde, the CEO, and Founder of Lagos Digital Academy explained in line with the recent launch that it is essential to equip Nigerian entrepreneurs with the requisite knowledge and up-skill them so they would have the capacity to tap into the huge digital market industry. During the launch, Babatunde disclosed that in spite of the industry’s prospects, there is a huge dearth of skill to actually drive digital marketing in the most populous black nation.

Quoting Babatunde, there is a huge skill gap in the country as a whole, and having considered the vastness in her population, it is evident that there are numerous opportunities that could be tapped into Nigeria’s digital market space. What Lagos Digital Academy is trying to do is not just educate, but also empower people to get access to the knowledge they require to survive in the new age that we found ourselves.

“Excluding the dearth of skills in the industry, Nigerians are lacking the technical know-how. But we are of the belief that with time things would improve because we have begun seeing a lot of incubation companies coming up in the country”, he said.

According to Babatunde, Lagos Digital Academy is tailoring a boot camp for different sectors of the economy with the help of their intensive program which will take participants through all they need to know about digital marketing.

Also speaking on the sidelines of the launch, the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Lagos Digital Academy, the person of Kunle Shittu, disclosed that the academy is a social enterprise that has a strong commitment to teaching and inspiring a new generation of digital professionals and entrepreneurs.

“Our resolve and mission is to equip venturing entrepreneurs with market-driven, dynamic and practical training that would do well to prepare them for quality placement and industry exposure, open up ways and means for impact in their business careers,” he said.

Shittu also remarked that the academy provides a wide range of intensive and impressive digital marketing courses that empower business professionals for success.


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