Ugandan Developers Named Regional Winners Of Facebook-Developer Circles Community Challenge

By  |  August 20, 2018

A team of Ugandan developers has emerged winners of the 2018 Facebook Developer Circles Community Challenge, in the Sub-Saharan Africa regional category.

Sagesse Magezi and the rest of his team clinched first place in the aforementioned category of the challenge on account of their creation, JusticeBot, which was adjudged to hold the most potential in the aspect of significantly and positively impacting their immediate communities.

The Ugandan team of developers presented a solution that is capable of providing legal assistance to individuals who may not readily have the means to. JusticeBot is a platform which allows access to information on legal procedures while helping to connect people in need of legal advice and other legal services with lawyers, attorneys, advocates or other licensed practitioners.

The 2018 edition of the Facebook Developer Circles Community Challenge came in the wake of the recently-concluded F8 Hackathon. The Developer Circles Community Challenge was an online hackathon which tasked developers with the creation of viable solutions that can help build self-reliant communities and connect the world.

As part of events to herald the challenge, in-person Build Days were organized in local developer circles in over 70 different cities. These featured the building of solutions for identified social problems by the developers and community leaders in those local developer cells.

Essentially, the past three months have seen software developers from around the world working tirelessly and putting in some fine work to eliminating real-world challenges. These solutions, of course, being put together with the aid of at least one Facebook developer product – imparted something of a unique feel to this year’s edition of the competition.

The announcement of the Ugandan team as the winners of the challenge in the Sub-Saharan Africa category came in as part of events marking the close of the first phase of the challenge. This phase also featured a number of teams emerging winners for their solutions in other regional categories, including Whizkids World (Asia Pacific), Blitz (Europe), Donor Fu (India), safemeet (Latin America),  Twar2 App (MENA), and ballUp (North America).

The 2018 Facebook Developer Community Circles Challenge will now progress to its next phase where these regional winners will be tasked with updating, tweaking and fine-tuning their solutions on the basis of feedback on their initial presentations from a panel of judges. They will be expected to come up with well-tailored and fully-functional final offerings in their bid to take home up to USD 30 K in cash prizes, as well as other special incentives.

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