A Comprehensive List Of Co-Working Spaces In Morocco For Startups And Entrepreneurs

By  |  August 28, 2018

Morocco is an ancient city full of modern twists, intriguing culture and some amazing dishes like Pastilla. Who wouldn’t love to spend time there? But we know how packed up you’re with your work. So, as promised in our previous article on ‘A Guide To Morocco’s Startup Ecosystem,’ we bring you an exhaustive list of another key enabler – Coworking Spaces in the country.



7AY promotes experimenting with a new way of working, for the new generation of nomadic and connected entrepreneurs who wish to create socio-economic value in the very demanding societal standards.  The coworking space reserves a wall for artistic and cultural expression for those who want to present their works in exhibition, performance or other modes of expression.

Facilities: WiFi, Printers, Video projectors, Whiteboards, Telephone, TV, Changing rooms.

Location: Lot 15, 16 – Zone industrielle Takadoum، Rabat, Morocco

Price:  Open Space – 2000dh/ month, Private Space- 3000dh/ month onwards

Contact: (212) 537-65-06-31

Email: [email protected] 


Creative Lab

Creative lab aims to bring together talented and highly inspirational groups to breed innovation.

Location: 21, Rue Tariq Bnou Ziad – Office n°16 – 4th Floor – 40.000 – Marrakech

Contact: 212 525 085677 / 212 620 261000

Email: [email protected]

Dare Space

Dare Space offers an opportunity to connect and collaborate, network and build partnerships and ideas. Situated in Rabat, it is supported by the foundation Drasos, and empowered by the Moroccan Center for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship, a not-for-profit organization working towards finding innovative entrepreneurial solutions to social challenges.

Facilities: Library, Makerspace, Lockers, Skype Room, Printer, sound/video recording 

Location: 3, Avenue Annaba 1er étage, Hassan, Rabat, Morocco

Price: 1200dh/ month for open space

Contact: 05 37 72 34 46 


Emerging Business Factory

EBF is an Industrial style co-working space.  With more than 110 workstations, EBF offers a community of entrepreneurs to exchange ideas and network with.

Facilities: Makerspace, Skype Room, Wheelchair Accessibility, Lounge, Beanbags and Standing Desks

Location: 61, Quartier Industriel Sidi Ghanem، Route Safi، À côté de la Mouqataâa, Marrakesh, Morocco

Price: 1000dh/ month for open space and 4000dh/ month for private space

Contact: 212 661 404643

Email: [email protected]


The space emphasizes conviviality and a state of mind based on sharing. Internet facility, meeting room, multifunction copier, and coffee shop are all available here. They even offer a fruit salad every day at 4 pm.

Facilities: Kitchen, printer, photocopier

Location: Boulevard Oued Al Makhazine, Marrakech, Morocco

Price: 2000 dh/ month for open space

Contact: 212 5244-30447

Email: [email protected]

Interface Office Space

Interface Office Space allows 24/7 access to private offices in the prestigious business centers Twin Tower and Casablanca Finance City Tower. It offers a very different range of services including domiciliation for your company. With more than 200 workstations and 3 meeting rooms, it also provides consulting and concierge services.

Facilities: TV, DASHBOARD, projector, HDMI Cable

Location: Twin Center, Boulevard Al Massira Al Khadra, Casablanca, Morocco

Price: Open space and Private space

Contact: 212 520-500500

Email: [email protected]

New Work Lab

New Work Lab is a lively community made up of entrepreneurs from around the globe. Digital nomads and entrepreneurs from various fields can be seen working here.  It also offers space to host your company events, conferences, meetups, workshops and team building events with on-demand catering services.

Facilities: Events/workshops, Lounge

Location: 17, rue Najib Mahfoud, Quartier Gauthier, Casablanca, Morocco

Price: 1500 dh/ month for Open space and 2500 dh/ month for private space.

Contact:  212 5222-73274

Email: [email protected]

Net Space

Netspace is a flexible workplace. It offers some benefits like scheduling workshops, training, seminars and meetings. For those looking for a space to exchange ideas and creativity, Netspace is the place for you!

Facilities: Events Space, Lounge

Location: 7 Rue de Sebta، Résidence Rami، Casablanca 20250, Morocco

Price: Open space 4000dh/ month

Contact: 212 5222-02815


SunDesk is a coworking space designed for students, entrepreneurs, and professionals. The office can host a maximum of 14 people. Equipped with ergonomic chairs, tables of different heights and an adjustable standing desk, SunDesk offers lunch options, snacks, and internet facility. It also provides shared and private accommodation near the office.

Facilities: Co-living Accommodation near the office, Library, Skype Room

Location: Rue Tasga Oudrar 31 Taghazout، 80022, Morocco

Price: 1400dh/ month for open plan seating

Contact: 212 631-908960

Email: [email protected]


TechVerse, an advocate of productivity and innovation, is much more than a coworking space. It hosts weekly events with themes on technology, sci-fi movies, gaming and graphic arts. It is a union of two major startups Derb.io and Aitmote.

Facilities: Markerspace, Skype Room, Library

Location: Apartment 9, 5th floor, Building 9, Rue Ksar Souk, Hassan Rabat، Rabat 10000, Morocco

Price:  1500dh/ month for open space

Contact: +212 670-822424

Email: [email protected]

The Spot

Located at the heart of Marrakech city, The Spot is super easy to access and close to shops, restaurants and other convenience stores. It dedicates one of its corners to artists by organizing monthly art exhibitions and artistic meetings. It also organizes fun zone events where professionals get an opportunity to meet and interact with like-minded people. 

Facilities: library, computers (MACs and PCs), podcasting room

Location: N° 33, Rue Yugoslavie, Marrakech, Morocco

Price: 1500 dh/ month for open space, and various other packages

Contact: 0666190187/ 0661757057

Email: [email protected]

Tiny Tetouan

Tiny Tetouan has set in place ergonomic furniture to help you in being productive. The wide range of amenities, including assistance and consultancy in setting up a business, looking for a job, hosting, and marketing in Tetouan, helps you concentrate on your business.

Facilities: Ergonomic chairs, Dual/single monitor

Location:  Wilaya Center – Office #13, Avenue Al Joulane, Tétouan, Tétouan 93040, ma

Price: 1300 dh/ month for Open space

Contact: 212 660-144350

Email: [email protected]


In case we have missed out on listing any co-working space, please drop us an email at [email protected] add you to our list.

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