App Epp: The Brainchild Of Nigerian Sister Developers Out To Boost Entrepreneurial Skills

By  |  September 14, 2018

As of recent, the ecosystem has been scintillated by ripple-causing females who are on the mission to cement a place for the gender in the startup scene of different nations. Female developers and entrepreneurs are not just emerging, but are bring about solutions to everyday problems. A pair of such strong-willed and innovative lot is two Nigerian sisters who developed a mobile application to boost entrepreneurial skills.

Unemployment remains a critical issue almost all over the world, and Nigeria happens to be one of the countries constantly trying to tackle the menace. More often than not, people do not secure jobs on the backs of their inexperience and lack of required skill set. Recognizing this problem, Kesandu and Dumebi Nwokolo built Epp to give technical backup to people who are on the mission to make a living from entrepreneurship. Not everyone is destined to work under the auspice of an employer, and because of the business option, the duo stacked Epp with features that will help owners of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.

These sisters revealed that the mobile app is imbued with features designed to give rising entrepreneurs a helping hand; to be a stepping stone that will bolster as well as enhance their visibility and showcase their skills, services, and products to the world. According to the developer, the app was created to assist in anything from filling a hungry stomach to hair cutting, home tutoring, language lessons, and car repair. The unit connects users to local professionals, products and amenities in any part of the country that can provide a wide range of services.

The today consumer in Nigeria is selective and decisive – they know their wants/needs and are not afraid to demand for it. Epp is built to sooth refined tastes by way of connecting people with quality and local professionals, products and services. Kesandu and Dumebi ‘s vision is to help entrepreneurs, businesses, service providers, youthful but skill-filled impresarios all over Nigeria find new customers.
This is not the first feat of these sisters, as they had together also developed Cradle Count in 2015. The application which was hosted on Google Play Store helps pregnant women keep to tabs with the calculation of their expected delivery dates from their last menstrual period. The app also provides daily pregnancy tips and reminders that get pregnant women prepped for the arrival of their babies.

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