It Sucks To Be An Entreprenuer, Trust Us

By  |  September 16, 2018

It is just the perfect utopian life from the outside. Doesn’t it give an adrenaline rush thinking of being able to chase big dreams, building empires and alas ─ that outcry of joy when you have left a mark in the universe.
But make no mistake about it, there is a scary truth about entrepreneurship which you probably didn’t give a thought to. Every successful entrepreneur has walked a painful path. It’s never the advisable route for the fainthearted.

Things take time ─ if they ever happen

Success neither comes easy nor fast. The journey will entail adjusting and re-adjusting your initial ideas, pivoting to whole new things. It might seem to be taking eons to accomplish some things even those inside of your control, all you need to remember at such times is that perseverance is the key.

The whole world shall hail to so discourage you

When just everyone on the planet believes that you can’t do stuff, it could be spirit breaking. And sorry to break it to you, the first ones could be your family and friends. That’s not to say you won’t have legions of supporters because you absolutely will. But there will always be people who won’t like you for all that you’re up to. Especially if you happen to pull things off, the bigger the success, more the haters.

You will have to compromise on relationships

There is no 9-5 to building business ground up, only 24/7. Your business essentially becomes your life and consumes a large amount of the time you should spend with your family and friends. Even when you are at home or on vacation, you think about work and can’t stop worrying about making the right decisions.

Lighter pockets hurt

To get your business up and running you will probably need a bit of cash. The road to profitability is a rough one. You’ll cut out services because you have to cut costs. And you will never be the highest paid one in the organization ─ rather you could just be making much less than the minimum wage. A negative bank balance and chasing investors could become a nightmare and even pride breaking for some.

Getting used to failing

Hold on, and listen. You have to fail your way to success. In your climb, you will fail at a lot of things, and you better get used to it. You have to stumble more often if you have to be successful. It will take you to be insanely motivated to carry on despite all odds, and know that if there weren’t hard parts, there would be no value creating.

But in the end, It’s all gonna be worth it

No matter if you end up a crazy success story or a failure, you will learn new skills, build thick skin of resilience, and live a life of greater meaning and purpose. You’ll get a chance to make an impact by molding and developing others, solving problems, and righting wrongs. It certainly won’t be easy but will be a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y super worth it. So stick it out, set your goals high, be courageous enough to take punches in the face, and accomplish your dreams. Go change the world forever.

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