10 Businesses You Can Start While In College

By  |  September 22, 2018

What are some of the businesses students can start while in college? There are a lot of them!

As a student, it is easy to cultivate the right entrepreneurial attitude and also supplement your income while still in college.

It is well-known that in 2004 Zuckerberg founded ‘The Facebook’ in his Harvard dorm room. Originally intended to be a private website for his Harvard classmates, the social network spread across college and university campuses before it became used by more people globally.

Here is another example, if you frequently make comments online, then you must have come across ‘Disqus.’ Daniel Ha, along with classmate Jason Yan, started Disqus in 2007 while both were attending the University of California

There are some many businesses students can start while in school that won’t affect their studies or distract them from focusing on their books.

Being a college student doesn’t stop you from working on your dreams and ideas and turning them into profitable ventures. With a great idea and internet connectivity, you can launch a start-up while in school.

You can also earn money online without having to invest a single penny to set up an office and work from the comfort of your home.

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But in case you decide to startup, make sure you package your business in a way that would appeal to your target audience in the right way. Also, market yourself online so that you can increase your reach and more people know about the services you offer.

Here are 10 of the types of businesses college students can start:

Crafts and Arts: If you are gifted in the area of creating unique arts and crafts, you can make some and sell them online. If your school accepts it, you can also sell such artworks within your school community.

Customization business: You can acquire skill in customization and start making money from. You can customize jerseys, merchandise, clothes, and so on for people. You can do this and put them up online for sales.

Become a freelancer: There are so many business owners who need to outsource some tasks so they can focus on other aspects of their business. With freelancing, you can make money with your skills from wherever you are in the world. You can make money from graphic design, web design, writing, transcription, etc. There are so many websites you can start getting freelance jobs from such Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, etc.

Accessories: Accessories are one of the fast-selling things online. Find the right kind of accessories to sell such as jewellery, fashion accessories, bags, etc. and start selling to the right target audience online.

Become a Digital Marketer: If a company is not yet leveraging digital marketing, then they are not yet maximizing profits online. You can take up free or paid courses in social media marketing email marketing, Search Engine Optimization, etc. There are a lot of people who would pay you to help them get found and get leads online.

Tutoring: You can organize tutoring services for students in your area of expertise. Find your area of expertise and set up a tutorial platform to help others. You can organize physical and online tutorial services.

Cleaning service: You can start off on your own, then when you have a larger market, organize some other students who would be interested in cleaning as well. It is one of the businesses that affords you a flexible schedule while you study in school. What you do is to accept jobs when you are less busy.

Bookkeeping Services: Here is another way you can help people in your area of expertise. If you are good with accounting and bookkeeping, you can offer business owners your services online or physically. The start-up cost is low, and you can get more jobs through referrals.

Logistics: It is no longer news that there are a lot of online businesses in Africa; this means that more and more companies need delivery services to help them get their goods to their customers all over the world. You can also offer errand services for busy professionals and business owners.

Farming business: You can go into the kind of farming business that appeals to your interest. E.g., poultry farming, fish farming, vegetable farming, etc. This is the kind of business you can go into when you are on holidays.

Are you a college student? Which of the above business ideas appeals to you? Do drop your comments below.

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