Africa Focussed Solarworks Clinches USD 2.3 Million For Further Expansion

By  |  October 10, 2018

Solarworks has raised USD 2.3 Mn in funding led by EDP Renovaveis SA and supported by Persistent Energy Partners in order to expand its operations across Africa. In Mozambique where it is presently operating, 19 million families live off-grid.  Solarworks uses the pay-as-you-go model that is supported my mobile money providing consumers with modern electricity services beyond lighting enabling them to charge mobile phones and tablets and laptops, listen to the radio and watch the TV. Off-grid solutions continue to attract significant investment in Sub Saharan Africa due to legitimate consumer need,  scalability, and ability to create significant social impact through the lives that get improved by the lifestyle change that access to light promises.

Solarworks began operations in 2008 and has offices in the Netherlands, South Africa, and Mozambique. As reported earlier, Bernard Hulshof and Arnoud de Vroomen founded Solarworks, which was previously known as Flynn Solar. It was later acquired by a Dutch company in 2009. The founders later bought back the company in 2012 after Lemnis merged with NTL Electronics (India).

Solarworks has previously received a grant from GSMA under the Mobile for Development Utilities Innovation Fund which was provided to help them use machine learning in order to improve solar home systems downtime.


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