EdoJobs, Business Owners Mentor Edo Youths On Entrepreneurship

By  |  October 25, 2018

The Edo State government’s official arm for job creation, EdoJobs, has partnered with Edo Development Organization (EDO) to train youths in the state on entrepreneurship. This is down with a charge for youths to be open to ideas and knowledge that will enable them to excel in their chosen enterprise. The one-day session was held at the Edo Incubation Hub in Benin City and was tagged Inspire Edo 2018.

According to Senior Special Assistant to the Edo State Governor on Skills Development and Job Creation, Ukinebo Dare, Inspire Edo 2018 is a career development event that offers a unique blend of insights into the path of some of Edo State’s great outliers.

Training assistant to EdoJobs, Olaniye Omole, explained that the program aims to show Edo youths the pathway to success, and for them to appreciate the value of working with mentors as they strive to actualize their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs.

According to him, apart from registration and job creation, EdoJobs links indigenous youths to mentors who are as well successful Edo indigenes based within and without Edo state. He said the arm looks to profiling youths who will participate in the program and link them to persons who can mentor them to develop their business ideas.

Osaretin Guobadia, the head of Edo Development Organization, said that Inspire Edo is a platform where successful Edo indigenes in the diaspora and within Nigeria can inspire Edo youths interested in entrepreneurship in order for them to add value to the state.

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According to him Inspire Edo is EDO’s pilot program, and the organization wants upcoming entrepreneurs to have a glimpse of what other Edo indigenes do to gain knowledge and experience from them. He said EDO wants the professionals to inspire Edo youths to reach their goals and bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to be. He also noted that getting finance to execute a business idea is a challenge that is not as tough as getting sellable business plans that can be funded.

At the event, one of the panelists urged Edo youths to continually seek knowledge and spend less time on social media unless they are using such platforms for business or knowledge acquisition. Because Edo youths are found to hold top positions across the world, the panelists remarked that they are intelligent and need to believe in and improve in themselves to face the challenges in the business world.

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