MTN, Google Schools River State SMEs On Digital Marketing

By  |  October 26, 2018

MTN Nigeria, while partnering with Google, has delivered yet another empowerment to more than 40 owners of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs), this time with the practical skills required to implement effective digital marketing strategies in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

The small businesses that operate in various sectors were empowered to gain first-hand experience on how to employ digital tools to get their businesses off the ground and maximize them. The facilitators informed beneficiaries about how they can be successful at promoting their businesses with the use of various digital tools with limelight on owning business websites, running business ds and leveraging the power of social media amongst others.

A beneficiary of the program, Deekor Legborsi, the CEO of Squirrel Technologies, remarked that the experience was quite rewarding, adding that MTN did not let-down but opened airways to other business owners and prospective business opportunities.

The narrative from MTN Nigeria is never so much different, as it keeps reiterating that it seeks ways to lend a hand to the development of the Nigerian economy by extending its collaboration capabilities to brighten the lives of small business owners within Nigeria.
The General Manager of Enterprise Marketing, Ikenna-Emeka, who was stood in for by Bridget Enuma, while reiterating MTN Businesses’ objectives with its partners, said that MTN has been providing innovative and customized solution for partner businesses to thrive since 2001.

According to her, the training is one of MTN business’ commitment to SME promotion, enabling them to contribute to economic growth with massive potential to create job opportunities for Nigeria’s teeming population and generally be the spinal cord of the economy.
According to a report by Weetracker, some collaboration between MTN and Microsoft saw to the hosting of a training program for 50 entrepreneurs in Lagos State. The program was held to empower them with Microsoft Office skills that are essential for significant business growth.

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