East Africa This Week: Startup Events Glimpses [October 29th – Nov 4th, 2018]

By  |  November 4, 2018

Over the past week, the East Africa region has continued to hold different events that give space and prominence to startups and entrepreneurs with capacity development, with info sessions and  training forming part of the main highlights:

Outbox  Hub Events –  Lumumba Avenue, Kampala Nov 1 to 3

On the evening of November 1, Outbox held its first Edu Session which is what they do to introduce eager member into the world of software programming that they run for 5 weeks supported by Moringa. Outbox EDU usually accepts members with no prior experience by providing them with the basics they need to master as they progress to develop careers in the field of software development. The Edu Sessions that are held also offer the members important soft skills that are in demand in the job market that they would be able to apply.

On the evening of 2nd November, Eddy Mugisho facilitated a  cross-platform app development using Flutter which is Google’s mobile app SDK for crafting high-quality native interfaces on iOS and Android. With many young people in Kampala developing a keen interest in coding, the session was able to get the eager group of programmers to appreciate how quick and easy it is to build user interfaces, add features as well as fix bugs in record time.  Eddy, the facilitator, was able to bring his experience to use as he engaged the young minds and showcased mini-projects that helped the team to experience sub-second reload times for the Apps which is usually difficult to achieve.

A team of 39 participants also came in to Outbox in what had been planned as a Google Cloud Mentorship Program, that was its third meetup since inception. The attendance was testimony on how seriously this event is taken in Kampala with teams working away on their laptops as they were being guided.


KLab, ICT Park, 6th Floor Boulevard de l’Umuganda, Kacyiru Kigali Rwanda

The Bank of Kigali which is one of the leading banks in Rwanda held a session on the evening of 1st November from at KLab with the aim of tapping a talented team of entrepreneurs with interest in fintech. It seeks to hire talent for its digital factory who will then go on to develop solutions that the bank would use to deliver innovative products to its customers. The bank is seeking to enrich its key talent in areas including data science, user design and experience, data engineers and scrum masters. This welcome partnership shows the role tech hubs could play in providing the staff that industries require. The session was led by  Regis Rugemanshuro.

Inside the C-Suite, Metta  – Riverside Drive Nairobi, Kenya

Metta held a live recording on the evening of  1st November,  featuring Wandia Gichuru Co-Founder & Managing Director of Vivo Activewear. Wandia believes in telling the stories that strengthen the successes of African brands through podcasts and live interviews and was on stage to share her journey to a keen audience. Inside the C-Suite’s 4th episode was made possible by the partnership of  I-DEV International, Metta & the East Africa Venture Capital Association    Wandia Was interviewed by I-DEV Africa’s Associate Partner Winnie Odhiambo 


Oman delegation courtesy visit to iHub, Nairobi Kenya

A delegation of senior government representatives represented by Dr.Ali Masoud Ali Sunaidy, Minister of Commerce & Industry, Sultanate of Oman, Muhamad Dory, Ambassador of to & Saleh Bin Sulaiman, Ambassador of Oman to Kenya spent time visiting iHub on 30th October  to hold discussion on mutual areas of interest and co-operation that would be of benefit to startups in both Kenya and Oman. The Oman delegation had come for a working visit in Nairobi as part of their tour during the Oman Products Exhibition also held for the first time in Africa – in  Nairobi.

Feature image courtesy: @OutboxHub Facebook

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