Why BRIDGE is Better Than the Jungle Safari You Are Planning?

By  |  November 5, 2018

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have loads of work all the time on your shoulders? Do you feel that there’s no Sunday for you, ever?

Well, it’s almost December, and soon Christmas will be around the corner, then New Year will knock your door, and before you know, THUD! You will fall back to your routine.

You might be planning to take your family or go with your friends to the incredible Jungle Safari in Kenya. Nature and its enthralling creations have a long-lasting impression on the mind. And it definitely gives you some wonderful December Diaries to share, besides a good break from the everyday hustle bustle.

But have you ever thought, what will happen to the January Jovialities or the February Flair? How are you going to deal with the Merciless March and that Anxious April? Running a startup is no child’s play. You got to be on your toes all the time, developing your product, running to investors, remember that 2 p.m. office meeting? And whoops! Your website crashed.

What won’t you give to someone for taking just one problem off you? So, here we are with Bridge: East Africa’ Premium Tech Fusion. Get to meet the top investors not just from Africa, but from Japan also. Investors who will be flying all the way from Japan, Ethiopia, Rwanda to meet startups like yours. Discuss your ‘startup problems’ with the most experienced CEOs and help the newest ones cope with theirs. Understand which way rules and regulations concerning startups are headed from government officials present there.

With the top-notch people of the startup community on your contact list, half the glitches will vanish. All you got to do in the Marvelous May is work hard, and leave worries behind. You’ll have people to help you out of the difficulties that come your way, to give you suggestions when you feel stuck, to help you through decisions crucial to your business, and maybe, life too. If Bridge cuts back on your June Jostling and gives you a Jump-around-for-no-reason-July, welcome it.

You get this one excellent chance to showcase to the world what have you built, to put forward your strengths, USP and above all, the growth prospects. You have a dedicated audience; most curious to listen to whatever you got to say, willing to trust you with your product. Wait for the Awesome August, by when you’ll be signing deals. Your Savage September mode will begin, and before you realise you’re already looking forward to Oh-my-God-it’s-October, because hey, we don’t want you to miss out on that Jungle Safari!

You come back all rejoiced and ready for the Noble November, already awaiting the second season of your December Diaries, or should we say BRIDGE!

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