What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Game Of Thrones

By  |  April 28, 2019

Winter is here. The long-awaited, thrilling, sense-freezing, mind-thrilling and all-time HBO blockbuster series has finally put an end to its own wait. About two weeks ago, what could be the world’s hottest potato of a movie series began its eighth season, after 67 episodes that kept viewers at the edge of their seats.

Seven noble families in conquests for power, plot developments unlike any other, twists and turns that could leave your mind like a poorly knitted piece of a wool-based sauce cap – Game of Thrones is due to these at an all-time high with its final season.

Some watch the saga of Westeros for the swordsmanship, some for the spellbinding conversations, some for the epic display of wits and some others, unusually, sift entrepreneurial digests from Home Box Office’s biggest screenplay yet.

Always Hunger For Knowledge

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Tyrion Lannister alongside Lord Varys and Baelish are considered Game Of Thrones’ cleverest and most intellectual characters on set. While the uncanny ability to get under one’s skin led Littlefinger to a throat slit by the very Valyrian-steel dagger that symbolized his betrayal earlier in the series, true hunger for knowledge helped a dwarf and a eunuch best the travails of the seven kingdoms, right up to becoming respected allies of the Dragon Queen herself, Daenerys Targaryen.

Under Robert’s Baratheon’s and Joffrey’s rule, and that of Tommen, the brightest mind in the whole of the series has served as Hand, so little wonder why he is the personal adviser to the silver-headed blueblood.

In the second episode of the just-released final season, Tyrion pulls close an armchair to listen to the long journey of the young three-eyed raven, Brandon Stark – a story not even the crippled teen’s siblings took so keen an interest in? What drives him? The quest for knowledge. If you have the time, check the episode where he first saw a dragon or when Lady Brien was being knighted – the inquisitive looks on his face say it all.

Save Samuel Tally’s voyage from being a plump laughing to stock in the Night’s Watch to one of GOT’s avalanche of both medical and historical information, also never mind how Varys has survived too for so long, but take into consideration why the youngest lord of Winterfell sits on a chair and knows it all, and you would no doubt find that the narrative is one significantly factored by knowledge.

In the same way, entrepreneurs are the type of people who should never stop searching for information. From trends to industry news, niches and their very own products, every businessperson out there needs to be fastidious about awareness and understanding.

Don’t Get Too Cocky When You’re Winning

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It happens every once in a while, when entrepreneurs assume a celebrity status just because their numbers are starting to have a multiplicity of zeros. Barely into millions, they quickly become comfortable where they are, and most of all, unconcerned about competition.

Well, ironically, it’s the same competition that may be the undoing of such businesses, thanks to new entrants and poster children for rebranding. Raising millions in funding from a league of “Lannister investors” is not always a mark of industry superiority or success.

If you ever think you are crushing it and would like to show off, take your mind back to the combat between the Red Viper and The Mountain. Oberyn Martell, as Tyrion Lannister’s champion against his stopgap sentence, the freakishly huge Gregor Clegane, ended in some crushing quite alright.

As a result of his pompous display of skills when the mighty opponent was down, the once skilled Oberyn let down his guard when he should have struck his final blow to seal the deal. That ended in something gory, in what was a scream-inspiring, popping despatch.

At some time Tywin Lannister and his daughter Cersei thought there were in control, with absolutely nothing to stop them. When Joffrey was an “untouchable” brute of a young king, it took only a jot of wickedness from an offended Lady Olenna Tyrell to bring his rule to an abrupt end, with assistance from Lord Petyr Baelish, of course.

It also took an equally maltreated Tyrion to shoot a crossbow into his father’s chest, at a time when the Lannister patriarch was beginning to bask in his very prime. Dear entrepreneurs, success, if not worked hard to be kept, will be lost quicker than it was achieved.

Allies Plus Family Equals Everything

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In Game Of Thrones, family and allies are everything. From episode to episode and season to season, this theme resounding like the “boom” of Chinese war cannons. In what was a great start to a seventh season, Arya Stark, after her equally interesting and self-building journey, showed her allegiance to her family in a way quite unusual for someone her age.

Strategy married disguise and “No One” was able to put a once-and-for-all end to the entirety of House Frey, before which she did same to Walder Frey’s twin sons, Lother and Black Walder. She also proved her loyalty by slaying Littlefinger, a devious character who has twisted the Stark family inside out.

It is in the final season of this epic series that we come to understand the true meaning and strength of allies and family. From knowing no other thing than taking the Iron Throne “with fire and with blood,” the Targaryen matriarch teamed up with Winterfell and the entire North in the battle against the Night King and his hoard of walking dead.

After conquering many places, nursing three full-grown dragons, having the army of The Unsullied and even taking Casterly Rock among other accomplishments, Daenerys had little between her and the crown of the Seven Kingdoms. But she allied with unusual people, even Jaime Lannister, to stand a chance against death itself.

Family and allies are great for business. Entrepreneurs need all the help they can get to accomplish their goals. Every big goal needs a formidable team to achieve, and that’s why you should look no farther than strong family ties, loyalty, partnership, and well-fed business relationships.

Beginnings Hardly Matter

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If you watched Game of Thrones right from the very first episode, you would agree with me that it started off on a very simple note. No one knew that was the first chapter of one of the world’s most-watched series, at least not I. But some seasons down the line, GOT garnered massive viewership and followership.

And it would amaze you to know that the series has raked more number than many blockbuster movies combined, including The Avengers. After a long wait, the Season 8 was finally released, and the craze was literally madness, one which prompted many to begin the series right from its foremost debut.

Jon Snow started off as Ned Stark’s bastard, and his presence in Winterfell was more or less discomforting for his supposed father’s wife, Catelyn Stark. While he had a connection with some of his “foster siblings,” he knew he needed to do something more. From there, he journeyed to join the Night’s Watch, little time after which he was named Commander.

After death and resurrection, he returned to Winterfell, where he was proclaimed King of the North. Choosing survival over the crown, he left for find allies to fight the greatest of all wars. Upon coming back, he discovered that he was Aegon Targaryen, the last living male heir to the said House and heir to the Iron Throne.

Also take Arya Stark into consideration, whose journey began at the end of Season 1, when her father, Ned Stark, was beheaded. Through time and the city of Bravos, her fighting skills were honed almost to match that of Lady Brienne of Tarth.

Entrepreneurs out there, believe it when it is said that little beginnings often end up in big successes, all thing being equal. All it takes is time and effort, save the sleepless nights and the financial commitments. It will all eventually pay off.

Never Owe Anyone Anything

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“A Lannister always pays his debts.” This has to be one of the most recurrent quotes in Game Of Thrones. Although it was sometimes used to carry out mischief, it yet retained its meaning. Can you remember any scene where a Lannister ran away with anyone’s money?

Even if it was somewhat usually a Tyrion affair, even Cersei herself never felt comfortable with owing anyone a dime. In cash and in kind, the Lannisters made good on this family saying. If not, Cersei would not have done the walk of shame on the streets of King’s Laden, to the glare of literally everyone.

When Tywin Lannister was still alive, he lived by this creed and paid whoever he used his/her services in full. In the final season, Cersei Lannister gave a wagon full of gold in upfront payment to Sir Breon of the Blackwater in exchange for delivering “poetic justice” to her treasonous siblings, Jaime and Tyrion.

Even the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms knew she had to pay her debt, after Lord Euron Greyjoy delivered her enemies and the Iron Fleet. Not even Gregor Clegane could come between the Ironborn and Cersei Lannister’s bedroom, then.

In a business world where most of the money comes from investors, entrepreneurs need to be up to date with their finances. From your employees to business partners and even customers, make sure to never owe anyone anything, not even a dime or for even a day. Such a habit speaks well of your company and better of your personality, so it is right to keep up the good money work for as long is long.

So, while the Game of Thrones is nearing its end, all fingers are crossed to see how this tale will come to a close. While that’s that, business remains business. Always.

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