Kenyans Willing To Migrate To The US To Pay KSh 50 Mn Under This Latest Program

By  |  July 23, 2019

Immigrating to the United States of America, with the hope of getting a permanent residence or citizenship five years later has been made easier for Kenyans with millions of money to spare under this latest program initiated by US-based Private equity firm, Atlantic American Partners.

 Kenyans willing to relocate to the USA can now pay at least Sh50 million to qualify for a visa and an additional Sh2 mn in legal fees and Sh4.6 mn in investment management fees for qualifying Kenyans.

The PE firm has so far received applications for at least 20 Kenyans who have begun the process of obtaining the visa, commonly known as EB-5 (employment based-fifth preference visa), it plans to sign up at least 25 Kenyan investors by the end of the year.

The EB-5 visa offers an opportunity for foreign investors to invest in the US and become legal permanent residents in America, with a green card.

Willing migrants can either invest in a US business or a real estate project that can generate at least 10 permanent jobs, per applicant, the PE firm facilitates the application process and act as a trustee and investor of the funds.

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Some of the benefits that come along with the visa are the ability to travel to one’s homeland from the US without a visa, ability to sponsor family members for a green card after becoming a citizen, access to low or no-cost primary and secondary education among others.

According to Daniel Ryan, managing director of Atlantic American, It takes about six months for people to get ready to invest.

Successful applicants are given back the Sh51 million once they achieve permanent resident status — normally after five years and citizenship following about a year later.

 “There are three requirements for those wishing to get the visa. One, you must pass the international background check. Two, that you have documented the source of funds that you legally have five hundred dollars to invest and three that you have no criminal background,” Ryan stated.

The US issues 10,000 such visas every year, it was introduced in 1990 under the administration of the late US President George H.W. Bush.

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