Renowned Kenyan Tea Firm To Venture Into West And South Africa

By  |  August 2, 2019

Kenya Tea Packers Limited (KETEPA), which has already established its presence in the Eastern Africa region, is planning to venture to South and West African market in order to boost the sales of its ready to drink tea brands. Ketepa Managing Director, Albert Otochi has said.

According to Mr Otochi, the firm is currently studying the African market regulations and it will leverage on the free market protocol to partner with distributors in the African region who will sell its tea varieties.

In a bid to double tea consumption in Kenya, the firm has also launched a tea month campaign in partnership with Naivas Supermarket which seeks to raise awareness and motivate Kenyans to drink tea.

Speaking during the official launch of the inaugural Kenya Tea Month, Naivas CEO Willy Kimani said the one month program is expected to boost 10 percent of total tea production,

“Tea is now more than a breakfast beverage and the cultural aspect of taking tea at any time has been catching on, we now have white and purple tea and other blends that deliver fruity and herbal tastes for everyone and can be taken at any time of the day and anywhere,” Mr Kimani said.

Mr Otochi, on his part, added, “we have continued to innovate tea over the years, and today we have more than 20 varieties, flavors, and infusions designed to suit individual tastes and preferences.”

During the one month event, Kenyans will be educated on the health benefits of tea, methods of preparing various types of tea and how to benefit from its health attributes.

“We are targeting all segments of consumers, though the young discerning market is keen to explore and fit tea into their lifestyle,” Otochi said.

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