Big Win For Kenya’s Blue Economy As More Investors Tap Into The Sector

By  |  August 23, 2019

Kenya’s ongoing efforts to expand the blue economy continues to receive support from investors who say that it will contribute to the industrialization and economic development of Kenya.

Japan has pledged to invest in Kenya’s blue economy, mainly the improvement of the Mombasa port through maritime security and modernization of the port.

Japanese Ambassador to Kenya Ryoichi Horie said that harnessing the potential of Kenya’s oceans and seas will improve the standard of living of Kenyans.

“Japan will work closely with Kenya to secure its ocean-based economy and ensure there are no maritime security threats,” he said.

“The recent Tokyo International Conference on Africa’s Development (TICAD) event that was held in this country further strengthened our bilateral relations. We will do more on the development of the Mombasa Port and the promotion of the blue economy,” said Ambassador Horie.

He said this during a meeting with Deputy President William Ruto who said the two countries were working together on harnessing the potential of Kenya’s waters as well as leveraging on maritime security to build a strong blue economy.

The Deputy President said that the country is expanding and modernizing operations at the Mombasa port because this is critical in ensuring efficiency in the transport system.

“Japan has indeed been a great partner on issues of the port. We must conclude the issues of Dongo Kundu as part of efforts to ensure successful infrastructure to support imports and exports strategy,” he added.

This investment plan comes a month after the Kenyan Government in partnership with the Canadian Government announced a plan to construct fisheries infrastructure projects along the coastal region.

Fisheries, Aquaculture and Blue Economy principal secretary Prof Micheni Ntiba said that the project will entail the construction of a marine park and more recreational parks.

“We are going to construct a marine park in Kenya in conjunction with Canada to add to tourism attraction sites as well as leisure and learning activities. We will also build more parks in Lamu,” the PS said.

Featured Image Courtesy: Comarco Group

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