West Africa’s First LNG And Regas Plant Is Being Cobbled Up In Equatorial Guinea

By  |  August 26, 2019

The majority Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) plants in Africa are in the northern part of the continent, especially in Algeria. But in recent years, other African countries have been putting efforts into monetising gas resources by creating domestic gas-to-power infrastructure.

The latest entry in this category is Equatorial Guinea, who is currently trumping up West Africa’s first LNG and regasification plant in the Port of Akonikien. 

The Spanish-colonized country is revving up operations to construct a landmark regasification plant that will enable the storage, transportation and distribution of LNG to its mainland. The energy derived from the plant will be distributed across Equatorial Guinea to smaller power plants and LNG stations, and be exported to other countries. 

The first issue of the West African country’s gas-to-energy LNG2Africa initiative, the plant is being championed by local construction and engineering firm Elite Construcciones.

The project will reportedly have 14,000 cu/m storage capacity and 12 bullet tanks. Currently the largest factory-built cryogenic tanks in the world, they have a 1,229 capacity and dimensions of 31 m by 9.3 m by 8.8 m. 

LNG2Africa was launched by Equatorial Guinea’s Ministry of Mines and Hydrocarbons in 2018. The scheme aims to facilitate the production and trade of LNG through the creation of gas-to=power facilities and intra-African LNG industry.

“This terminal will be the first of many upcoming projects under the LNG2Africa initiative. LNG2Africa has a clear objective of developing small-scale LNG projects to supply gas to countries and regions with limited infrastructure,” said Gabriel Obiang Lima Minister of Mines and Hydrocarbons. 

Sebastian Wagner, a founder at the Germany-Africa Business Forum (GABF), said, “This project was realised in cooperation with German SMEs, showing the increasing number of private German companies able to work in collaboration with African entities on a vital energy project. Germany has developed strong expertise in gas, power and renewables, which have all become central to the African energy agenda.”

About two months back (June 18), Anadarko Petroleum Corp, a United States energy firm, gave the green light for the hoking up of a USD 20 Bn gas liquefaction and export terminal in Mozambique. This development marked the largest single LNG project ever to be approved in the continent. The exact value of the Equatorial Guinea project remains unknown, at least until the LNG plant reaches completion. 

Anonikien LNG plant is being built by Corban Energy Group and American manufacturer who estimates that each bullet tank will take 12 hours to complete. Pipe supplier PFF Group and Meakin Logistics UK are supplying the materials for the project, while the design process by Constructcciones got assistance from german companies ESC and Nordtec.

Featured Image: INCORE

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