Morocco Now Has A Solar-based Petrol Station And They Have An Oil Giant To Thank For It

By  |  September 6, 2019

There has been a wave of solar-powered projects in Africa. This year alone, there has been the installation and commencement of renewable energy initiatives across the continent. From Morocco to Nigeria, Senegal to Kenya, and Egypt to Mozambique, cleantech is miracle waiting to manifest. 

1000th Solar Petrol Station

French oil giant Total has inaugurated its 1,000th solarized service station. The project which is powered by solar panels is described by the company as the Totale Palmeraie retail outlet, situated in Marrakech town of Morocco. The installation is a milestone in Total’s efforts to solarize some of its service stations across the globe. 

“All over the world, Total service stations are designed as real living spaces, offering our customers tailor-made, accessible and simple services. By being solarised today, these stations strengthen their autonomy in electricity and become showcases of the group’s savoir-faire and expertise in renewable energies,” said Momar Nguer, General Manager of the Marketing & Services division and member of Total’s Executive Committee.

The off-grid project was installed by SunPower, a solar energy company which is also a Total subsidiary. The San Jose-based solar company installed all the off-grid solar panels over 134 m2 area. It reports that the installation can generate 45 MW of electricity in a year. The project, as such, will enable the petrol station to avoid 30 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year. 

57 Countries; 5,000 Gas Stations; 50,000 Tonnes Of CO2

The Paris, London and New York-listed oil titan is on a mission to equip 57 countries of the world with off-grid solar projects. Many of the target nations are in Africa. Total wants to furnish at least 5,000 gas stations with solar off-grids. The company estimates that the amount of energy generated can cater to 200,000 people and help sidestep 50,000 tonnes of annual CO2. 

The initiative began in 2016 and will last for a period of five years. The ambition will cost Total an investment of at least USD 300 Mn. There are also plans to expand the solarizing to other facilities, including manufacturing plants, refineries and offices. 

Total’s senior vice president of renewables, Julien Pouget, added that ‘solarising’ the company’s service stations were “fully aligned” with its strategy of generating and supplying distributed renewable electricity.

“We’re proud to inaugurate our thousandth solar-equipped retail outlet. This milestone achievement reflects Total’s commitment to using solar power at our sites and our ability to support our industrial and commercial customers with cleaner, more affordable and safer electricity.”

Image Courtesy: SweetCrudeReports

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