A Model College In Ogun State Has Been Remodeled Into A Tech Hub – And There’s At Least 20 More To Go

By  |  September 10, 2019

Nigeria’s latest entry for the tech hub category has officially been launched in Ogun State. Under the leadership of Governor Dapo Abiodun, one of the multi-billion naira mega schools in the Western Nigerian state has been converted into an innovation centre christened Ogun Tech Hub.

Running to inspire communal creativity, the once erstwhile college structure located in the state’s capital, Abeokuta, is now a knowledge platform for technological development. 

Converting Colleges In 20 L.G.A

Amid some political drama, it was revealed that Governor Abiodun plans to remodel colleges into tech hubs. He plans to do so in 20 local government areas in the state, driving digitization in the state.

Ogun Tech Hub will house technologists, tech companies, social entrepreneurs and impact investors. It will spur the creation of new solutions for Ogun State’s social challenges and innovate new technology. 

Speaking at the launch of the new facility, Abiodun revealed the capital injected. Apparently, the tech hub was built using taxpayers money. According to him, the hub has the potential to bring back value to the people. 

“Although the facility being utilized for these tech hubs is initially meant for another thing, the fact remains that even when the facility had been largely abandoned and could not be used for initial purpose, we are converting it to the advantage of our dear State,” he explained. 

Hot On Olude’s Heels 

The time at which the inauguration of Ogun Tech Hub takes place sparks interest. In July, Olaken Olude, co-founder of Jobberman, was given a government office.

He got appointed as the Special Adviser of Job Creation and Youth Empowerment in Ogun State. The tech entrepreneur is obviously a good choice, as his knowledge will go a long way in stirring innovation and most especially, job creation. 

With these developments, among many others, it’s clear that Ogun State is gaoling to join the tech pack of Nigeria. Sharing a border with Nigeria’s tech capital and commercial nerve, Lagos, should be enough motivation for digitization. 

“Innovative Talents” 

At the launch, Abiodun said Ogun State is joining hands with the public and private sector to create youth employment opportunities. This is obviously where Olude comes in. Ogun State wants to upskill and expand the job space for its teeming young populations and support those with innovative talents. 

Speaking of innovative talents, Ogun State can very well claim to have produced some. Trendy was the story of the young college student Habeeb Bombata, who created an app to help visually-impaired people identify currencies.

Though Habeeb’s a Lagos native, much of the praise goes to the Computer Science Department at Bells University in Ogun State. It’s only a matter of time before more “innovative talents” will grow from the grapevine of Ogun State. This is especially as we are yet to see the last of tech hubs in Africa.

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