How About Fly Now And Pay Later- South Africans Now Have This Option

By  |  September 23, 2019

For those who have been flying for the past few years, you must have noticed that the price of air ticket has been going up and up. Excluding flash sales or season offers, passengers have been spending more and more on air tickets than they used to.

Despite Africa being the second most populous continent with an estimated population of over a billion, the continent accounts for only 1 per cent of the world’s air traffic. This is owed to the fact that airline fares are not affordable for many ordinary people.

South Africa is not excluded from the list as airfare is unaffordable and remains the biggest obstacle to travelling especially considering that you have to pay the full amount before flying.

The trend, however, seems to be changing now as Flysafair, a South African airline is offering its clients the option of flying then paying off for the purchase in easy installments.

In order to provide this offer, FlySafair has partnered with Mobicred, an online credit facility.

FlySafair’s head of sales and distribution Kirby Gordon said, “We realise that our passengers love flying just as much as we do, but may not always be financially able to do so. Our partnership with Mobicred enables passengers to fly to their favourite destinations without letting their pockets stand in the way”.

The airline said, “We feel that Mobicred is aligned to us in terms of being innovative and aspiring toward creating a great customer experience. They also offer a great technical solution and we believe that they are responsible lenders”.

Mobicred CEO Jason Sive said the company is proud to be part of Flysafair’s vision to make air travel more accessible.

The move will come as a sigh of relief for many South Africans who are hard-pressed financially given the tough economic times in the country. Numerous reports have shown that most citizens have cut their spending on luxuries and are instead spending more on basic needs.

A report by Old Mutual revealed some luxuries South Africans have cut back on and which included; holidays, alcohol and entertainment.

A different report also highlighted that South Africans are being crushed under the weight of personal debt. Most of them run out of money two weeks after payment and are forced to take up loans to sustain them for the rest of the month.

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