Why Buying a Laptop or a Phone Without a Receipt Could Land You in Jail

By  |  October 7, 2019

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has sent out a caution to the public not to purchase electronic equipment including laptops and phones from dealers who lack a physical address.

In a statement on Sunday evening (Oct 6) the DCI said that purchase of such equipment could land the buyer in jail if it was procured through a robbery.

“The Public is hereby WARNED never to buy any Electronic Gadget including Laptops, Mobile Phones, TV Sets etc from an Individual or a Dealer who has no fixed Physical Address; Identifiable trading Building/ Premises with requisite authorization documents that are conspicuously displayed including Licenses, Permits & other Local and/or National Approvals,” the statement said.

The statement also warned potential buyers in insisting for a receipt that is clearly itemized and encouraged buyers to digitally secure the receipts and archiving them.

“It is RISKY & DANGEROUS to buy any electronic device from suspicious outlets. Most are those who buy stolen items from Armed Gangsters who have violently robbed innocent citizens and in the process kill or maim them. DON’T buy a device of a fellow murdered or maimed Kenyan,” the statement continued.

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The DCI was responding to the high spate of murder and robbery incidences that have rocked the country in the last several weeks.

Only recently, suspects in the Kshs 72 Mn Standard Chartered Bank heist were traced using their mobile phones after their location was confirmed to be at the scene of the crime.

“They [police] identified all phones that were at the scene of the crime and established that the numbers of the three suspects went in the same direction from the scene of the crime in Nairobi West,” the Star reported.

The DCI said that if one is caught in possession of such devices, they would have suffered immensely before the truth is established.

“Being found with suspected stolen property, you suffer immediate consequences of the Actual Criminal, which may escalate to Death Sentences,” the statement continued.

Dealers of such gadgets were also put on notice. The DCI urged Electronic Dealers to mark every electronic gadget with indelible initials for customer’s safety and security purposes, making it hard for criminals to hawk stolen items.

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