10 Free Photo Editing Software For Your E-commerce Business

By  |  October 20, 2018

In order to get the attention of your ideal audience, you need to package your content attractively. Come to think of it, there are a lot of businesses competing with your business online, and it is essential that you stand out.

One of the ways businesses can stand out and gain the attention of their ideal audience is by investing in the right photo editing software for their pictures.


You may have the best of the best products, but if you don’t make them appealing to your target audience, it might not catch their attention. Also, you need your products to tell a compelling story. Remember that your online customers do not have the opportunity of physically seeing or experiencing your products before buying so you have to make sure your photographs do justice to your products.

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Here are 10 free photo editing software for your e-commerce business:

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  1. VSCO: This App is available for download on Google Play Store and Apple Store. The is the premium version and also the free version. With the free version, you can still enjoy some of its features. VSCO is a photo editing software that stands out; it simply helps you take your photography to the next level!
  2. Canva: If you have an e-commerce business and you haven’t utilized Canva, then you are missing out! Canva enables you to create social media images, e-book covers, photo collages, logos, flyers, posters, etc. There is a free and paid version as well.
  3. Snapseed: This photo editing software is a business owner go-to! With Snapseed you can edit your product images, save and share your favourite edits, have access to a wide range of tools, filters, and adjustments!
  4. Pixlr: This is one of the best online photo editing software. There are lots of photo editing features to choose from to make your photos great. There are no complexities, and it is easy to get started with. It also comes in a PRO version
  5. Befunky: This is another easy-to-use, yet, useful photo editing software.  You can edit your photos, access photo effects, and create photo collages with Befunky
  6. Aviary: With Aviary, you can access lots of free effects, stickers, frames, and overlays. It is one cool photo editing software!
  7. Gimp: Gimp is an open source photo editing software. It gives you the opportunity to manipulate and retouch images with ease.
  8. Inkscape: Inkscape is a vector graphics software. It is available freely, and it is open source!
  9. Paint.net: getpaint.net is a digital photo editing software with lots of features to choose from. It is simple and easy to use.
  10. PhotoScape: Easily fix and edit your photos with PhotoScape! There are a lot of tools to work with!

Which of the above photo editing software do you use? Do drop your comments below!

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