Debt-Ridden South African Airways Outshines Ethiopian Airlines As Best African Airline

By  |  October 11, 2019

South African Airways has yet again bagged the ‘Best African Airline’ Award at the Business Traveler Awards 2019.

Business Traveller Awards are voted for by readers of the magazine, with the results verified by an independent auditing company.

This is the thirteenth consecutive year that South African Airways has won the award.

Philip Saunders, Chief Commercial Officer, South African Airways, said, “Since joining South African Airways I have been enormously impressed with the level of pride and dedication that our staff place in the role of looking after our customers. I would like to take this opportunity to show my appreciation for their role in this award, and thank the readers of Business Traveller for voting for us.”

The South African flag airline outshined Kenya Airways and decorated Ethiopian Airlines to be the title of Best African Airlines.

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South Africa Airways has not been making profits since 2011 and for a long time, it has depended on government bailouts to stay afloat.

Owed to the deep financial problems the carrier airline is facing, it earlier announced plans to have some of its assets sold to private companies.

The debt-ridden airline opted to sell off a portion of its assets after it was denied bank loans despite its debts spiraling.

Following SAA’s announcement to sell some of its assets, Ethiopian Airlines has expressed interest in acquiring a stake in the ailing airline.

Ethiopian Airlines has developed and established itself as the sovereign jewel of African carriers. The airline is at the moment the largest and fastest-growing carrier on the continent.

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