List Of Startup Accelerators In Kenya

By  |  January 17, 2020

When it comes to growth or scaling a business, accelerators can be a viable option for startups. Accelerator programmes often offer the startup access to funding, connections, mentorship among other useful offers.

This list highlights accelerators that can be found in Kenya.

1. Tumi

Tumi (Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative) is a Nairobi-based mobility startup accelerator. It provides technical support to startups that aim to curb urban mobility challenges.  Selected startups are additionally incubated at C4DLab at the University of Nairobi. Its portfolio include ride-hailing, van pooling and truck-hailing startups such as An Nisa, Auto-truck, GetBoda and Twende.

2. GrowthAfrica

This is one of the oldest accelerators in Kenya, having been founded in 2002. Though headquartered in Nairobi, it has offices in Uganda, Ethiopia, and Zambia as well. It focuses primarily on growing post-revenue African startups  and SMEs through business acceleration, strategic advice and access to investments. Additionally, it helps local and international organizations support African ventures.

3. Pangea Accelerator

This is a Norway-based accelerator which aims to help African startups access investment. Initially, its African chapter was hosted by Strathmore University through a partnership with iLab. Some notable Kenyan startups to go through Pangea´s programme include Biasharabot, Onesha, Yusudi and Tozzaplus.

4. Ygap Kenya Accelerator

This is an initiative of Ygap Kenya, which is an international not-for-profit organization whose aim is to support local changemakers through funding and training. The accelerator has teams in Kenya and South Africa and supports early stage impact entrepreneurs. It also claims to have run 44 programs, supporting 515 ventures.

Image courtesy: Stanford Social Innovation

5. E4Impact Accelerator

This is an accelerator founded by E4Impact Foundation, which is backed by the Italian Agency for Development Co-operation. It aims to catalyse business growth through its service offering which includes training, coaching and mentoring, market linkages and other professional services. It additionally offers seed grants as well as a co-working space for its entrepreneurs. The accelerator also serves as a link between Kenyan innovators and Italian businesses.

6. Sheltertech Accelerator Kenya

Sheltertech was launched in 2018 as a collaborative effort between the Terwilliger Center for Innovation and Shelter and iBiz Africa, Pangea Accelerator, Hilti Foundation, Ikea Foundation and LBDO. The accelerator facilitated a 6 month program which was concluded in May 2019. It provided access to investments, networks and business support to startups in the building and construction space. Some startups in its first cohort included AHomes, Gjenge Makers and ManPro.

7. EO Accelerator Programme

This programme was launched in 2018 by the Entrepreneurs’ Organization Kenya. It seeks to support early-stage entrepreneurs who are keen on reaching a USD 1 Mn turnover threshold. Entrepreneurs should additionally have a turnover of between USD 250 K to USD 1Mn.

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