BREAKING: These 5 Countries Are Now The Most Corrupt In Africa

By  |  January 23, 2020

Today, Transparency International released the 2019 edition of its Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI). The report finds that Sub-Saharan Africa remains one of the most corrupt regions in the world, with an average score of 32. 

According to the index, Somalia is the most corrupt country on the continent and in the world. The nation comes right after Sudan, while Seychelles has bettered its transparency in the past year.

On the global front, more than two-thirds of economies are either stagnant of retrogressing in terms of anti-corruption efforts

CPI ranks 180 nations based on their perceived levels of public sector corruption. The index draws on 13 expert assessments and surveys of business executives. #

The scale which starts from to to 100, is used to consider countries from highly corrupt to very transparent, respectively. 

“More than two-thirds of countries score below 50, with an average score of only 43. Since 2012, only 22 countries have significantly improved their scores, including Estonia, Greece and Guyana.

Twenty-one have significantly declined, including Australia, Canada and Nicaragua,” the report highlights. 

“Frustration with government corruption and lack of trust in institutions speaks to a need for greater political integrity,” said Delia Ferreira Rubio, Chair of Transparency International.

“Governments must urgently address the corrupting role of big money in political party financing and the undue influence it exerts on our political systems.”

Botswana, Cabo Verde, Rwanda and Mauritius lead the African less corrupt pack, with respective scores of 61, 58, 53 and 52 on the index. South Sudan, Somalia, Sudan and other Middle East countries occupy the bottom-side of the report. 

Therefore, the most corrupt countries in Africa are Somalia (9), South Sudan (12), Sudan (16), Equatorial Guinea (16) and Guinea Bissau (18). Onwards, we have Libya (18), Democratic Republic of Congo( 18), Burundi (20), Chad and Eritrea (23).

New Zealand as the least corrupt (most transparent) country in the world, while Africa’s largest economy, Nigeria, ranks 146th on the ranking with a score of 26. 

Image Courtesy: Answersafrica

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