Dangote Has Made A NGN 63 Bn Bet On Locally Produced Trucks In Southeast Nigeria

By  |  February 25, 2020

The latest revelation for Dangote’s mega business dealings is that the entrepreneur has invested NGN 63 Bn (USD 173,314,990) in Sachman trucks locally assembled by the production plant of Anambra Motor Manufacturing Company (ANAMMCO).

The plant which is located in Enugu State in Southeast Nigeria, began dealings with Dangote back in 2016.

Then, the initial order was for 350 trucks, a number that has now grown to no less than 3,500 being supplied to Dangote’s businesses.

Each of the Sachman automobiles cost more than NGN 18 Mn, order for which was delivered over a 5-year period.

These numbers make the businessman the single largest client the truck company has.

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But apart from patronizing locally assembled trucks, Dangote has also made a significant financial bet on ANAMMCO.

For fact, the vehicle assemblage facility was commissioned in 1980 by the Nigerian government in ties with Mercedes Benz.

This was made possible after Dangote Group signed a deal with Transit Support Services (TSS), an ABC Transport subsidiary.

Dangote Group signed an agreement with Transit Support Services (TSS), a subsidiary of ABC Transport PLC. As such 90 percent of trucks produced at the plant are for Dangote Group.

According to TSS Chairman, Frank Nneji, ANAMMCO would hardly still be in business if not for Dangote’s support all through the years.

He said: “And of course you know what it does for us here in the South East. For more than seven years this plant was shut down. There was no activity here until we made an agreement with Shacman group and started skeletally.

But we were only to start full step production when we offered the logistics solutions to Dangote and the production facility of ANAMMCO way back in 2016. That was the time we signed agreement for the first 500 units of trucks.”

Nneji also reveals that Dangote’s patronage gave life back to Onne Port in Rivers State. Since ANAMMCO was revived, Onne Port has handled more than 3000 containers.

All things being equal, the business assembles about 10 trucks daily and around 50 a week, says Emulor, the plant’s manager.

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