All that gliiters may not be gold

Will The Rwandan Dream Of Doing A Singapore Come To Reality?

By  |  December 9, 2020

In an evening derby between Arsenal and Wolves in the ongoing English Premier League, the Emirates Stadium soccer pitch enabled quite the match.

While Wolves' 2-1 victory wasn't much of a surprise going by their opponent's recent unsatisfying performances, the VISIT RWANDA inscription on the left arm of the Arsenal jersey seemed the more perturbing topic for a viewing centre around the Lekki upmarket. 

As it appeared to Olumide, an Arsenal supporter, one of Africa's lesser-known countries sponsoring an English football club is something he needs plenty of research to understand. If not for football, the fanatic would probably have never taken a country like Rwanda seriously. 

For the better parts of the second half when he was sure his team was going to lose, he initiated a discussion about one of Africa's poorest countries being a sponsor for a rich football club in England. 

Then and there, by both sports enthusiasts and unofficial political analysts, some truths were revealed, so much that even the manager of the viewing center had to join in the conversation.

And, according to him, that three-year, 200 sq centimeter VISIT RWANDA ad will cost Rwa...

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