One unicorn, one rhino

Flutterwave, M-Pesa, And A Nifty Linkup That Upsets Status quo

By  |  April 6, 2021

Apparently, becoming a billion-dollar tech startup built in Africa by Africans is a milestone of mammoth proportions, but not the destination. If anything, such a huge achievement is more like the starting point for the next billion dollars, and the next one after that. At least, this is true for Africa’s newest unicorn, Flutterwave.

Barring the deserved fanfare that followed the announcement of the deal on March 10, it appears work has been cranked up at Flutterwave since that USD 170 Mn Series C valued the startup at around USD 1 Bn.

And what's Flutterwave's latest endeavour? It appears to be something that's flown under the radar for so long, even before that much-talked-about recent tie-in with PayPal.

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