A big splash in the making?

$280M + 70,000m² Says Amazon Is Finally Up For The Africa Challenge

By  |  April 21, 2021

“Africa has a Nile but still no Amazon” is a mildly corny pun that is sort of a choice expression for stating a well-known fact that has no ties to monstrous water bodies.

Rather, that expression encapsulates the relationship (or perhaps the lack of it) that exists between the world’s largest e-commerce company, Amazon, and the African continent.

Simply put, Amazon currently serves people in 120+ countries, among which are 17 African nations. But somehow, Amazon has e-commerce operations in every continent, except Africa.

That is, Africa is the only continent where Amazon has refrained from setting up actual e-commerce machinery all these years. The why? That’s a subject that is often skirted around with vague statements. Nevertheless, the entire dynamic may be about to change.

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