Slugfests and battles

Wave’s Many Unseen Battles Lead To A New Tussle Beyond Mobile Money

By  |  February 8, 2022

It may have seemed a bit out of left field when little-known Wave appeared to emerge from stealth last year clutching a USD 200 M war chest that is the largest-ever series A in African tech, which valued the company at USD 1.7 B. But in reality, Wave is probably the opposite of overnight, sudden success. 

Actually, the story of Francophone Africa’s first unicorn startup is a long, winding, at times frustrating journey that kicks off in the halls of Brown University in Rhode Island; transverses Tanzania and Ethiopia, takes a detour to the Somali region and even Nigeria; before finding greener pastures in French-speaking West Africa.

However, what seems like the finish line of an exerting marathon might well be the start of a new, tougher race for Wave.

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