Democratizing Data

Africa Is Catching Up With Global Data Protection & Ownership Buildouts

By  |  July 1, 2022

In recent years, conversations around data ownership have gained unprecedented momentum. As more people increasingly realize the associated risks and built-in value, not having a say in how their personal information is used by some of the world’s biggest tech companies is becoming less acceptable. 

Though there have been efforts from said corporations to allay the fears of consumers, much has gone into proving that the data ownership debate is not unfounded. Meanwhile, a report by Insights Network revealed that 79 percent of consumers said they want to be compensated whenever their data is shared. 

Policymakers are finally seeing reasons to attempt leveling the playing field, and in some corners of the world, authorities try to keep a close and consistent watch on data monarchs to protect the individuals. However, in the grandest scheme of things is the push to share the wealth big techs derive from user data. 

According to Erik Rind, a 61-year-old seasoned tec...

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