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Silicon Zanzibar: An Island’s Moonshot To Become Africa’s Default Tech Tropic

By  |  November 23, 2022

Zanzibar, a semi-autonomous East African island overly popular for white beaches and breathtaking wildlife, has ambitions to become something more than just another holiday or tourism destination. Under the auspices of a government-spun public-private initiative, the archipelago looks to transform into Africa's leading tech hub.

In August, the Zanzibar Ministry of Environment and Economic Development teamed with Kenya’s Wasoko [formerly Sokowatch] to launch Silicon Zanzibar, an ambitious attempt to woo African tech into seeking residence at Fumba Town, a modernized coastline settlement in Unguja, the largest and most populated island in the jurisdiction. 

To blossom Unguja’s economy, Silicon Zanzibar flaunts incentives such as visas for immigrant tech workers, 10-year corporate tax exemptions, and other mouth-watering benefits to eligible businesses. As an anchor tenant for the Zanzibar Free Economic Zone, Wasoko inaugurated the Wasoko Innovation Hub to become the eco-town’s largest private sector partner to set up shop. 

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