TiE Africa Celebrates Female Entrepreneurship on International Women’s Day

By  |  March 8, 2023

Women have been breaking barriers and making strides in the traditionally male-dominated entrepreneurship arena. In Africa, many female founders are leading the way in the tech and other sectors ecosystem, and TiE Africa is recognising their efforts this International Women’s Day.

TiE Africa is a non-profit organisation that promotes entrepreneurship and fosters the growth of startups in Africa. The organisation has been actively supporting women in their entrepreneurship endeavours by providing mentorship, networking opportunities, and resources to help them succeed. 

TiE Africa recognises that women face unique challenges in the African markets and is committed to providing support and resources to help female founders overcome these challenges.

TiE Africa celebrated female founders’ achievements by hosting them alongside powerhouses and renowned investors of the African entrepreneurship ecosystem on March 02, 2023. These women have overcome numerous obstacles and successfully built efficacious start-ups that positively impact their communities. The event was hosted at the BDO offices in Nairobi, Kenya.

Top left Sahar Jamal, top right Jenny Fletcher, bottom left Sneha Mehta and bottom right Sonia Kabra

One of these female founders is Sahar Jamal, the founder of Maziwa. Jamal’s startup Maziwa is focused on making the life of new mothers easier. Maziwa breastfeeding has created milk-pumping devices for new mums to feed infants when they return to work. 

Another female founder who is making waves in the African tech ecosystem is Jenny Fletcher, CEO and Co-founder of Ariya Finergy. Ariya Finergy is now a leader in the solar energy sector in Kenya and other African countries. Ariya helps businesses meet their power needs by supplying and financing clean energy.

TiE Africa also celebrated the achievements of other female founders, such as Sneha Mehta, the founder of Uncover Skincare, a beauty products company focused on modern African women, and Sonia Kabra, the founder of Buupass, a platform that bridges the gaps in the public transport system by providing a marketplace model for ticket booking. Her leadership bagged BuuPass win the USD 1 million Hult Prize Challenge, supported by former President Bill Clinton in 2017.

These women create jobs, promote innovation, and drive African economic growth. TiE Africa recognises the importance of supporting female founders in the tech industry and is committed to providing resources and support to help them succeed.

An interesting panel discussion with eminent women business leaders like Maryanne Ochola- Managing Director of Endeavor Kenya, Carolyne Gathinji-Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company, Eva Warigia- CEO of EAVCA, Sheila Kimani Omukuba, the Founder CEO-SOLV Kenya and Nonnie Burbidge, an Investor followed the presentations. Sandeep Khapre, TiE Africa VP and CEO of BDO, East Africa moderated the discussion with the topic- “Only 3 percent of venture capital in 2021 was allocated to ventures led by women. What will enable a more diversified capital allocation to women-led ventures.”

From L to R:Nonnie Burbidge,Sheila Kimani Omukuba,Eva Warigia,Maryanne Ochola,Carolyne Gathinji

In conclusion, TiE Africa’s celebration of female founders in the African entrepreneurship ecosystem this International Women’s Day is a testament to the growing number of women positively impacting all industry sectors. Their achievements serve as an inspiration to other women who aspire to pursue careers in tech and entrepreneurship.

TiE Africa’s commitment to supporting female founders in the industry is helping to create a more inclusive and diverse tech ecosystem in Africa, one where women can thrive and make their mark.

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