Investor Turned Founder, Sahil Affriya Looks To Disrupt Africa’s Last-mile Logistics

By  |  May 17, 2023

Africa's booming e-commerce industry holds tremendous economic potential. However, a significant hurdle stands in its way: the logistics gap. As online shopping gains traction, the existing infrastructure struggles to meet the increasing demand for efficient last-mile delivery.

The challenges facing African e-commerce logistics are complex. Fragmented delivery systems, lack of digitized processes, and outdated practices among small merchants seeking cost savings contribute to the problem. Addressing these obstacles is crucial for unlocking Africa's e-commerce market's full potential.

Industry leaders are pioneering innovative approaches to bridge the logistics gap. By leveraging advanced technology, fostering collaboration, and streamlining operations, they aim to revolutionize last-mile delivery in Africa.

Shiprazor, one such company, provides a comprehensive platform that unites a network of digitized delivery partners. Merchants can optimize their logistics operations by eliminating manual coordination and delivering a seamless customer experience

Bridging the logistics gap goes beyond enhancing the e-commerce landscape. It has the potential to fuel economic development, empower small-scale entrepreneurs, and create employment opportunities across the continent.

By nurturing a robust logistics infrastructure, Africa can harness the full potential of its rapidly expanding middle class and propel the e-commerce industry to new heights.

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