Africa’s Crypto Startups Are Chasing Greener Pastures As Coin Craze Cools

By  |  May 24, 2023

At the point where Bitmama; a Nigerian crypto startup serving multiple African countries, announced a further USD 2 M in pre-seed last September, its status as a centralised exchange enabling buying, selling, and swapping of dozens of cryptocurrencies was front and centre.

Its raise was the latest in a category comprising custody and exchange platforms noticeably favoured in recent years by investors keen to take stakes in businesses building for the rising crypto wave in Africa. Bitmama would however come to readjust its posture not long after following turmoil that rocked the industry and a lull in the tech funding landscape amid a downturn.

“The run of scammy crypto projects have caused a government clampdown unlike anything I’ve ever seen since I got involved with the industry in the ICO years of 2017/18,” Michael Kimani, founder of the Blockchain Association of Kenya, told WT. “It could have the effect of cleaning up the industry but maybe also fork it such that anti-govern...

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