2023 Lessons & 2024 Outlook: From Early Investors In Africa’s Highest-Valued Startup

By  |  December 28, 2023

As the curtain draws on a year during which the tech landscape in Africa took on unprecedented challenges yet unlocked opportunities, understanding the lessons learned from 2023 and predicting the trends for 2024 becomes pertinent.

Flourish Ventures, a global venture capital firm, has been an instrumental player, particularly in supporting fintech entrepreneurs across emerging markets amid a trying macroeconomic climate.

With a recent commitment of USD 350 M towards bolstering their investments in emerging markets, Efayomi Carr, leading the Africa investments at Flourish Ventures which counts Africa's highest-valued tech startup Flutterwave among its hits, is in the engine room.

In this exclusive interview, Efayomi shares key takeaways from 2023 and anticipates trends for the upcoming year. From lessons learned in a challenging market to predictions shaping future investment strategies, the conversation explores innovation, market shifts, and strategies for startups seeking investment in today's landscape.

The interview has been edited and condensed for clarity and brevity.

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