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Meet Taher Sellami, The 19-Year-Old Tunisian Solving Gender Discrimination With A Mobile Application

According to the African Development Bank (AfDB), African women are held back from fulfilling their potential by many drawbacks, whether

Zimbabwean Livelihoods Threatened As Gov’t Increase Fuel Price For The Second Time In 7 Days

Zimbabwean authorities have increased fuel prices for the second time in a week and it is making it impossible for

Today Might Just Be The Day Nigeria’s Electricity Woes Finally Come To An End

The Nigerian government will sign a mega electricity deal with Siemens today and if company pedigree is anything to go

Interswitch Tried A Dual IPO Two Years Ago – It’s Second Attempt Is Now Underway

Nigeria’s digital payments startup Interswitch is regarded as the bedrock of the West African country’s financial infrastructure. The fintech firm

The Central Bank of Kenya is Also Not Buying Into Facebook’s Libra

Remember how everyone was scared of Facebook Libra (the company’s new cryptocurrency) that had already commenced development and had its

Kenya’s Microgrid Sector Set To Impact Millions Lacking Electricity Access

Kenya is one of the world’s most significant microgrid labs, but the framework of the country’s regulations pose a hamper

Fun Fact: Bill Gates’ Company, Microsoft, Is Actually Owned By Someone Else. Technically.

Most people seem to assume Bill Gates owns Microsoft, being the company’s founder, but in reality, the company actually belongs

Mozambique’s Rural Enterprise Sector Gets Major Boost

Rural small businesses make a huge and critical impact on the state of an economy, and most of the time,