CCHUB’s Giving4Good Challenge Sets The Tone For Creative Mobile-Based Platforms To Enhance Philanthropy

By  |  March 14, 2018

Co-Creation hub in partnership with Comic Relief has set up the Giving4Good challenge, which will explore ways Civil Society Organisations (CSO) and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) use technology to raise funds from individuals and donor organizations in both local and international/diaspora communities.

The organizers noted that the constraints of individual philanthropy in Nigeria revolve around three major themes: Transparency & Accountability, effective communication, and ease of donating.

The Challenge aims to bring technologists and civil society groups together, to develop mobile-based innovative platforms that can help address the constraints of individual philanthropy in Nigeria.

It seeks to enhance transparency of NGO’s and CSO’s reporting to gain trust and encourage more individual donations in Nigeria. It will also explore how organizations will effectively communicate the emotional appeal of causes supported by NGO’s and CSO’s, to trigger more individual philanthropy in Nigeria.

The Giving4Good Challenge is open to social innovators, and teams or individuals with early-stage ideas who are of Nigerian citizenship living in Nigeria.

The top 3 ideas will receive combined funding of up to USD 48 K towards the execution of the concept. Further Pre-Incubation support will be provided via the Co-Creation Hub (CcHUB) Pre-Incubation services.

Over the subsequent six months, the top three ideas will be supported with a range of services focused on product development, distribution and business modelling to turn their ideas into fully working products for a launch in late 2018.

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