Egyptian Matchmaking App Harmonica Seals USD 150 K Funding From 500 Startups

By  |  April 28, 2018

Cairo based matchmaking startup Harmonica is set for expansion having qualified for seed acceleration from the global accelerator, 500 Startups to the tune of USD 150 K. The startup is a part of 18 startup companies that received seed acceleration in the 23rd batch of 500 Startups global accelerator in the Silicon Valley.

The mobile-only app which started operations in December 2017, uses an algorithm to help its mostly conservative user base to find suitable partners for romantic relationships. Currently, the app claims to enjoy about 70,000 unique users and over 5 million sessions. The app also has over 10,000 daily active users, with 20 confirmed engaged couples in just four months.

The startup says its recently raised funds will be used to improve its technology and algorithm and add to its team members. Late last year, the startup had made to the Flat6Labs funding cycle which provides startups with up to USD 56 K in seed funding.

Harmonica was founded by Sameh Saleh, Tamer Mohamed, Shaymaa Aly and Aly Khaled. The app prides itself on being strictly an Arab oriented matchmaking app which will provide quality solutions to problems of finding suitable partners. It is designed to lead people to marriage.

For prospective suitors who wish to get married using the app, once sign up is complete the first step is to answer a set of 30 questions designed to know the users’ psychography. Questions from the educational background, professional life, lifestyle are asked from users, followed by regular details such as their full name, city, religion, and date of birth.

Users are allowed to specify the city they prefer their partner to be from and the age range. The app then uses its algorithm to match compatible partners. Users can only chat with one person on the app, a feature which differentiates the app from other online dating platforms

Also, an in-house team of relationship coaches, guide users through the dating process until marriage. Basic services on the app are provided free of charge while more advanced features are chargeable.


Image courtesy: Twitter @500Startups

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