Google To Launch Its AI Centre In Ghana, Its First In Africa

By  |  June 14, 2018

Google in a recent move announced the opening of its first AI center in Africa later this year in Accra, Ghana. Jeff Dean, a Senior fellow at Google AI, mentioned in a blog post that the tech mammoth’s presence in the continent in the last decade has ensured them of a transformation and they want to be an integral part of it.

Touting AI and Machine Learning as impactful technology to bring about significant changes at a global level, Jeff adds, with Africa being part AI development, the technology will be well represented worldwide. For the new center, Google has opened applications for machine learning researchers to join them. Along with Moustapha Cisse, Staff Research Scientist and Lead of Google AI Center Accra, Jeff wants to use their experience and interest in solving healthcare, education and agricultural challenges using the technology.

The Africa center follows in line after Google’s other centers at China, Zurich, Paris and its home office Mountain View. The company mentioned training 2 million individuals already under its digital skills training program, and eventually, looking to increase this number to 10 million. Through its other program, LaunchPad Accelerator, it claims to be supporting 100, 000 developers over 60 tech startups.



Feature Image Courtesy: Towardsdatascience

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