What To Expect From The Kampala Innovation Week 2018

By  |  June 28, 2018

The stage is set for this year’s edition of the Kampala Innovation Week, and it is to be yet another opportunity for promising Ugandan entrepreneurs and innovators to showcase their initiatives and leverage ideas from some of the best minds in the growing tech ecosystem.

The annual event is expected to bring together some of the major players and pioneers across various sectors and spheres in the country’s economy with a view to achieving a three-pronged objective; to celebrate, re-focus and energize the innovation efforts in Uganda and across the region.

This year’s edition will be looking to connect innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, and corporates from various regions. The idea behind the initiative is believed to be focused around such details as inspiring entrepreneurs, motivating green businesses, exchanging ideas, and developing an organised network of enterprises and resource persons that can further the growth of businesses in the region. One of the central features of the event is  the avenue it is expected to create for a good number of corporate innovators, representatives from the public sector, entrepreneurs, investors, as well as startups in the East African region, to brainstorm and explore opportunities and ideas that can foster the development of a connected startup ecosystem. In recent times, the region has witnessed significant strides in entrepreneurship largely born out of the creativity and ingenuity of some enterprising individuals. Following from that, this year’s Kampala Innovation Week promises to showcase some of the finest startups from the region.

The Kampala Innovation Week is tethered to fundamentals that hinge on the belief that innovation can be a veritable tool for solving some of Uganda’s biggest challenges in both private and public sectors, whilst transforming the country’s economy in the process.


Why You Should Look Forward To This Year’s Kampala Innovation Week?

This year’s innovation week promises to be a one-stop shop for such stakeholders as entrepreneurs, developers, marketing managers, CEOs, and policy-makers to rub minds and take stock of what’s been done, the status-quo, and what needs to be done going forward. Uganda’s leading tech festival is billed to give a whole a new meaning to the conference experience as it is envisaged to pull together amazing people and engaging content in an atmosphere that is guaranteed to radiate tech expertise and extensive networking.

Potential participants of the event are encouraged to play active roles in the content creation process by linking up with the Kampala Innovation Week round-table and taking part in the influencer sessions that are scheduled to be held during the duration of the event. These brainstorming sessions are expected to feature discussions on subjects that revolve around a combination of both the usual suspects and other nascent fields such as Health-Tech, Fin-Tech, Agri-Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Growth Hacking, Cloud Technologies, Virtual Reality, Data, Branding, Media, Product Development, Funding, and a host of other fields.

The event hopes to garner interest and give coverage by leaving its doors open to entrepreneurs, product owners, marketing managers, CEOs, innovation leaders, designers, and developers. Participants are expected to benefit from what the event has in the offing which should come in the way of actionable insights and elucidations on the future of technology in the region. More so, novel technologies and potential industry-disruptors shall be unearthed as one of the highlights of this year’s Kampala Innovation Week.


Schedule and Venue

Entrance and participation in the event comes at no cost. It is scheduled to take place at the Innovation Village, which is located in Ntinda, at the Ntinda Complex, Block B, Level 3, Kampala – the Ugandan capital.

The Kampala Innovation Week 2018 is planned as a 5-day evening event and it is scheduled to hold between 20th and 24th August, 2018.


How To Attend

Application and registration links are soon to be made available. In the meantime, you can keep tabs on the itinerary for the Kampala Innovation Week on by following up on Facebook.

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