Morocco’s Weego Wins 2018 Edition Of Seedstars Casablanca

By  |  July 9, 2018

The latest edition of Seedstars Casablanca which took place at LaFactory on Friday evening brought together seven of Morocco’s most promising startups, who slugged it out for the opportunity to participate in next year’s Seedstars World Summit.

Amongst the seven startups who were involved in the pitching competition, Weego; a transit app that is looking to solve some of the problems associated with transportation in different regions of Morocco, emerged with most of the spoils as it finished in first-place in the aftermath of competition and announcement of results.

Popaddress and Zelij investment followed closely in second and third-place respectively, having seen off most of the fierce competition served up by other competing startups. The seven startups who pitched at the event were reportedly selected from more than 80 applications, having fulfilled the better parts of the qualification requirements.

During the pitching contest, representatives from each of the selected startups were afforded 5 minutes for their presentations, as well as 5 minutes to respond to some of the questions from the panel of judges. The event is tipped to have brought to light some of the new and exciting things that are currently happening in the Moroccan entrepreneurial scene. As pointed out by Omar Barakat, a MENA Associate at Seedstars, “compared to other countries in the MENA region, I think the level of startups is growing very fast here in Morocco, especially in recent times. The startups that have pitched today are solving the problems that our society is currently facing using new technologies like blockchain and facial recognition software. I am impressed by the quality of these projects from an emerging market like Morocco.”

First-prize winner, Weego, is now eligible to represent the North African nation at Seedstars Regional Summit in Beirut, Lebanon, where it is expected to leverage connections with a network of mentors and investors from the MENA region. Ultimately, the startup will join 80 other startups that have won their respective national-level competitions, in Switzerland, for next April’s Seedstars World Summit. Weego will have its sights trained on the grand prize of up to USD 500 K in capital investment, as well as any of the several awards for the Top 15 global startups that will compete for the Seedstars Global Winner Award, while also utilizing the opportunity to develop its project and open up new markets.

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