DEMO Ventures Names Tania Ngima As Its New CEO

By  |  July 11, 2018

DEMO Ventures, the fund investment arm of DEMO Africa; one of largest startup launchpads on the continent, has announced the appointment of Tania Ngima as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The latest appointment from the investment magnate is expected to take effect from July 15th, 2018.

Considered a flagship event of the Lions@frica Initiative, DEMO Africa is known to have been involved in the selection and mentoring of promising tech startups on behalf of investors since 2012. DEMO Ventures; the investment branch of the flagship event, is looking to accomplish what is by no means an easy feat as it is founded on the vision of furthering the growth of the tech ecosystem by serving as agents through which potential investors can come in contact with tech-based enterprises that have been vetted and mentored. This it hopes to achieve using a more active and de-risked model of operation.

As spelt out in the company’s press release, Ms Ngima’s appointment is coming on the backs of her pedigree and leadership qualities which is evident in her 15 years of demonstrable experience in leading teams, reporting, setting up organizational systems, corporate governance, and SME restructuring in different industries which include manufacturing, renewable energy, technology infrastructure, real estate, telecommunications, as well as financial services.

Ms. Ngima, who is a strategy and finance specialist in her own right, will now be coming on board the DEMO Ventures train in what seems an exciting time for Africa’s technology industry; as is evident in some innovations that are transforming lives and changing methods of work and interaction on the continent. By the reckoning of the investment arm, this is also considered a period when catalyzing funding into technology is believed to hold significant potential intending to bringing about the necessary impetus for the continent’s economic emergence and the new opportunities.

As pointed out by Harry Hare, Founder of DEMO Africa and a Partner in DEMO Ventures, the investment arm of the Lions@frica’s signature initiative is looking to leverage the success recorded by DEMO Africa over the last six years in its bid to raise around USD 100 Mn in funding for a number of early stage and growth startups across Africa. According to him; “Our proprietary deal flow of the 3000+ early-stage enterprises will form the bulk of our portfolio pipeline. DEMO Africa has helped these startups raise over USD 60 Mn through networks, introductions, and a robust support process, and it is through this track record that we are now formalizing the process.”

Speaking in the aftermath of her appointment, Ms Ngima expressed her delight and pleasure at the prospect of taking on the new challenge, which she considers an opportunity; “I am excited to take on this opportunity and work with the team to achieve lasting impact in the trifecta between technology, finance, and diversity,” Ms. Ngima is quoted as saying.

Having worked in different capacities for some establishments, Ms. Ngima is a board member in a number of organizations, including Resolution Insurance. She is also a Mandela Washington Fellow, a member of Young African Leaders, as well as an alumnus at Global Women Entrepreneurship Initiative. She holds an MBA degree from the University of Birmingham Business School, while also being a Lean Six Sigma. She is regarded as an advocate for diversity and inclusion in the fields of finance and tech; a vision that sits well the rest of the board which she will now head as CEO.

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