Here Are 5 Things Your Logo Says About Your Brand

By  |  July 26, 2018

Your logo is an important element of your brand; however, your logo is not the entirety of your brand. Your brand is much bigger than your logo; but without a befitting logo, your brand isn’t complete. Do you get the drift?

What is a logo? A logo is simply a symbol or art that helps in identifying a particular brand from another brand.

Some of the biggest brands in the world like Coca-Cola, FedEx, McDonald’s, etc. have distinctive logos. Once you see these logos anywhere, you immediately know the brand.

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A logo isn’t just something you whip up and think you have a logo. Your logo should communicate your values and tell your story in the way that it can.

In addition, do not limit yourself when creating your logo. Make sure your logo represents what your business stands for rather than a particular product your business produces. For instance, if you are a start-up in women fashion bags, you should create a logo that depicts what your business stands for as a whole. What if you include footwears in your product line tomorrow? Would you create another logo for that?

Likewise, your logo doesn’t have to be complicated before it communicates what it ought to communicate. It can be simple and communicative.

What does your logo say about you?

Here are 5 concrete things your logo says about your brand:

Your logo forms part of the narrative of your brand: Once a prospective customer sets eyes on your logo, your logo already begins to tell them a story about your brand. Now the question is this, is your logo telling the right story or not?

Your logo shows your brand personality: Your logo gives us an idea of the kind of problem you are solving and the character and tone of your brand. It can tell us if your brand is playful, creative, trustworthy, confident, etc. Your logo helps to shape the way people think and feel about your brand.

It establishes professionalism: A logo simply tells your target audience that you are a business and you are actually ready for business. It shows that you take your business seriously.

It shows how distinctive your brand is: Your logo also shows how unique your brand is from your competitors. Your logo is a unique identifier of your brand.

It shows what your brand represents: When your target audience comes across your logo, they are able to have an idea to some extent what your brand represents. For instance, think about logos like Puma, Nike, BMW, etc.


What other things should be considered when coming up with a start-up brand logo? Do drop your comments below, we would love to hear from you.

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