10 Tools To Help You Effectively Manage Your Remote Team

By  |  August 1, 2018

Remote work is now on the rise as more people are embracing freelancing and outsourcing their tasks to remote workers.

If you are start-up founder, one of the decisions you have to make is if you want to have your team all in one physical location or if you want to have them spread across different places in the world.

Both options have their advantages and disadvantages you need to consider before choosing either of them.

If you want to go for the remote option, then you need all the resources and tools to help you effectively manage your team. With technology and the right tools, you can effectively manage a remote team across the world.

Research shows that remote workers are often more productive and more satisfied with their jobs.

Here are 10 tools to help you effectively manage your remote team:

Asana: This tool is simple to use, and it enables you to break down your project into tasks so you can assign them to your team members. This tool gives you the opportunity to host your communication, jobs, and team progress in one place.

Trello: This project management tool is perfect for teams no matter their location in the world. Trello helps you assign tasks to your team members and monitor the progress. You can organize and prioritize your projects as you wish. You can also add comments, attachments, and checklists to your boards.

Quip: Quip helps you and your team get things done faster. It helps you and your squad collaboratively work on a document and monitor the progress in real time. In addition, it helps you have your documents, spreadsheets, checklists, and team chat in one place.

Slack: Slack makes team communication easier and faster. You can communicate with your team members privately through instant messaging or publicly through channels. Slack uses an always-on chat interface.

Google Hangouts: This tool is not only great because it syncs across multiple devices, but it also gives you access to voice, video, and messaging one-on-one with your team members. What’s more, you can also record your video calls

Skype: There is so much you can do with Skype! Skype can help you with your team communication through video or audio calls, chatting, screen sharing, etc. It simply helps you communicate and collaborate with your team members wherever they are in the world.

Zoom: Zoom helps you with web conferencing, seminars, video conferencing. Zoom is easy to use and can be accessed across multiple platforms.

Screen Leap: This is a screen sharing and online meeting software. It helps you easily share your screen quickly from across all your devices.

Google Drive: This tool is perfect for file sharing and collaboration among your team members. Once you have a Gmail account, Google Drive is free to use, and you can share different types of files with your team members. According to their website, you get started with “15 GB of free Google online storage so that you can keep photos, stories, designs, drawings, recordings, videos – anything.” What’s more, you can view your files from wherever you are.

When I Work: If you have team members who work in different time zones, then this tool is excellent for you. It helps you schedule work for your team members and track their work time. It simply helps with your employee scheduling and time tracking.

Meldium: Bonus! This tool helps you and your team members securely manage your passwords. Your team members can share access without sharing their passwords. Meldium enables you to protect your passwords and sensitive information making it easy to connect new employees and remove the access of previous employees.


Which of these tools have you used or do you intend to use? Please drop your comments below!

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