5 Tools To Help You Stick To Your Schedule

By  |  August 2, 2018

One of the major things we all want to learn how to do is to manage our time effectively. Managing your time can help you become 10x more productive.

Do you want to get more work done and take back your day? Here are 5 tools to help you do just that:

Toggl: This tool is one of the best time-tracking tools for you and your business. Toggl also helps you calculate the time you spend on tasks or projects. This can also show you what’s taking your time more than others. It helps you focused on the important things and it can be accessed on your different devices.

Rescue Time: Do you want to know what and what you are spending your time on? Rescue Time will send you reports of how you are spending your time. You will be surprised! This time management App helps you stay productive as it helps you understand your daily habits.

Remember the Milk: This tool helps you manage your tasks across different devices and platforms. It is an online to-do and task management App for you. You can also share your lists and tasks with others

Pocket: Pocket helps you keep things for later. Do you see an article you want to read later? You can simply add it to Pocket and read it later. What’s more, you can access your content on any of your devices. You can view them whether you are online or offline.

Forest: This tool helps you focus on your projects or tasks by helping you build a virtual tree. Once you stay focused, the tree grows; once you leave the App, the tree dies. You also get to keep building your forest every day as every tree represents your focused time

Google Keep: Bonus! This tool helps you keep all your notes, ideas, texts, etc. in one place. You can simply capture your thoughts, record a memo, write a list and easily share it with your friends and family.

Which of the above Apps do you use? Let’s hear from you below!

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